What's Kickin' in Kindergarten

January 11 - 15

Subtraction video

Fluency Folders and Flipped Lesson (video above)

Next week, you will receive a new Fluency Folder to use at home with your child. As well, we are sending you a deck of cards to have when needed. Feel free to use the cards to play games. This will really help to develop their number sense. By the way, they were donated to us, so they are not brand new.
The flipped video lesson above is about subtraction story problems. Jessica Swalley introduces us to "Linus the Minus." You will need paper and pencil and you may choose to show number groups using any kind of dry cereal or coins possibly to develop your little ones visual understanding of number. Simply make a group to match the number given and then use the objects to solve each problem. Enjoy!


Math Night is Thursday, January 14th from 6:00-7:00PM. There will be several stations to visit and math activities to complete. Be sure to wear running shoes for one of the activities! We are asking you to complete a one question survey telling us how many people from your family will be in attendance. The survey can be found at:


(If you are unable to complete the survey or your number attending changes, don’t worry! Please attend any way! This RSVP will help us to get a general idea of how many supplies we need for the event.)

We hope to see you there!

Unit 5 - America and Our Community

In this new unit, America and Our Community, students will expand their understanding of their world from their immediate community to the state of Missouri, America and planet Earth. With support, the children will collect information about community helpers to eventually prepare a research based informative writing piece about their favorite Community Helper and after that, write about a place they would like to visit or have visited in the past.

Students will be guided in learning how to ask questions about fiction and non-fiction text through predictions and "I Wonder" statements. We will begin looking at maps to locate places in their community and some symbols (landmarks) in the United States. Finally, they will begin to identify American symbols, including the flag, and continue to recite "The Pledge of Allegiance."

Math Topic 8 - Understanding Subtraction

We will:
-listen to stories about "separating" and "take away"
-use the (-) minus sign
-find differences
-write subtraction sentences



Students will work on Short Vowels.

Vocabulary -

  • community helper
  • fact

Sight Words...Please make sure that you are completing the Fluency Folder every night and reviewing all 1st and 2nd Quarter Sight Words.

3rd Quarter:

Week 1: all, saw, help

Week 2: out, have, what

Week 3: this, make, so

Week 4: come, or, went

Reading Strategies: Students learn different strategies to help with reading:

Eagle Eye-look at the picture to help decode tricky words

Lips the Fish-get your mouth ready to sound out words

Stretchy Snake- Stretch the words out to make it easier to sound out

Chunky Monkey-Look for word chunks to make sounding words out easier

Skippy Frog-skip a tricky word and come back to it

This week's strategy is "Flippy the Dolphin." When reading at home, please practice the following… Read the word with the short vowel sound. Read it again with the long vowel sound. Which sound makes sense? Read it again correctly.


The children need your support to learn student pin numbers before purchasing a lunch. Please use the paper pin pad or even your computer pad to provide practice for your child at home. A NOTE ABOUT THIS WAS SENT HOME RECENTLY. It is crucial that you help your little one learn this number! It is quite the process keying the numbers in one student at a time, getting them seated and ready to eat. Your assistance is so very much appreciated! The following 2 classes will begin entering their lunch pin numbers the weeks of January 19 and 26th...Mrs. Olivares and Ms. Garner.








Mrs. Bee - Mase B.

Mrs. Hayes - Eva F.

Mrs. Olivares - Brayden K,

Mrs. Stephens - Jessica H.

Mrs. Shierholz - Dylan K.

Ms. Swalley - Anna M.

Mrs. Trask - Mackenzie R.

Mrs. Versemann - Eva S.

Ms. Garner - Logan R.

Please NOTE:

January 8 - Report Cards sent home

January 14 - Math Night, 6:00-7:00

January 18 - NO School, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 22 - Community Helper Dress Up Day

January 22 - PTO Movie Night

January 29 - 100th Day of School (subject to change if snow days happen)

January 29 - Father/Daughter Dance in the Old Gym, 6:00-8:00