Cub Connection

May 9, 2016

Fireworks and Finishing with a Bang

While watching a fireworks show with my family on July 4th it occurred to me that all great fireworks shows end the same way... with a bang.

They save the best and most spectacular displays for their grand finale. You can't help but clap at the end.

Now compare a fireworks show to many lectures, sales presentations and customer service experiences. They often start off strong but instead of ending with a bang, they fizzle.

The sales presentation that has a great hook in the beginning but doesn't leave a lasting impression at the end. The speech that makes you glad it's over instead of making you want to hear more. The restaurant server who makes a great first impression but is nowhere to be found when you want to pay the bill and leave. The teacher who fails to inspire his students to take action at the end of the lesson. The hotel that welcomes you when you arrive but ignores you when you leave. The store that has great merchandise but fails to create a memorable experience.

The examples are numerous but the solution is simple. Whatever your job or business add some fireworks to your work.

Think of ways you can create a grand finale and leave a lasting impression. Finish your speech or sales presentation with a bang and give your audience a reason to clap at the end. Give your customers something positive to talk about as they walk out the door.

Fireworks don't have to occur just on the 4th of July. You can create a fireworks experience every day by finishing strong and making people say "Wow!"

- Jon Gordon

Upcoming Important Dates

May 9-13- BOGO Book Fair

May 11- PASS Testing

May 12- PASS Testing

May 17- Faculty Meeting; Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night

May 18- Lion King Performance @ 8:40 AM

May 19- 4th Grade Celebration Day

May 20- Spring Carnival/Field Day

May 25- Lunch Delivery from UFRC ($7.00)

May 26- 4th Grade Graduation BSMS @ 6:30 PM

May 27- Student 1/2 Day; Faculty Cook-Out

May 30- Memorial Day (No School)

May 31- Student 1/2 Day/Last Day of School