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Beauty Dilemma - Natural Beauty Products Or Synthetic Ones

Going green these days has become less of an Eco-friendly sacrifice and more of a hot new beauty trend. With numerous new beauty products popping up all over the place, have you ever wondered exactly what ingredients your beauty products are made of? Are you sure that the ingredients in your beauty products are safe? Are they really effective, long lasting and most essentially is it really worth all the pounds we shell out for it? Absolutely not, the answer is a simple “NO”. The simple reason is the presence of number of chemicals, starting from parabens to petroleum waxes, used in making these products that in the long run do nothing but harm your skin.

People today are always on the lookout for better skin care products and holds a strong believe that natural is better, even when it comes to makeup. So, more and more women today are turning to natural cosmetics for all their beauty essentials. Even top manufacturers and best spas in New York city are using natural ingredients to keep up with the demand for more natural cosmetics in the market today. They contain ingredients that are essential for skin repair and most essentially are harmless and less expensive in comparison to those chemical based beauty products. Below are some other key differences between “natural” and “synthetic” makeup.

  • Base ingredients: Natural beauty products are generally made with non-toxic botanical base ingredients which are compatible with the skin’s natural oils. Using them enhances the natural beauty and care for the skin at the same time. The ingredients in natural cosmetics nourish, hydrate, replenish oils and protect skin against free radical and other environmental damages. But base ingredients in synthetic cosmetics are generally petroleum derivatives. When applied they lie on the surface of the skin and do not nourish, hydrate and replenish oils.

  • Oils used: The oils used in natural cosmetics are noncomedogenic, meaning they do not cause blemishes when applied over. Synthetic cosmetics contain comedogenic ingredients such as mineral oil, oleic acid and butyl stearte that can damage the texture of your skin when applied.

  • Matting ingredients: Natural cosmetics too contain powders that are botanically based. Ingredients such as rice starch and oat flour give a matte finish, thereby soothing and protecting your skin from environmental allergens and UV rays. Synthetic cosmetics use talc or other minerals that are not properly purified and clog your skin pores.

  • Cruelty free: Lastly, most natural cosmetics are not tested on animals and also do not contain ingredients derived from dead animals. But most synthetic cosmetics ingredients get derived from animals. And also they are proven and tested on animals and hence are not cruelty free.

More and more studies get released on the toxicity of many synthetic cosmetic products, has made consumers turn down to natural skin care products. But be careful with what products you purchase because in the end it's your skin, your beauty and your health that are on the line. The choices are many, and the freedom to choose is ours. So, where do you stand on the natural vs synthetic debate? The answer can make a difference to your health and our ecosystem.