Week Ahead for Our Jayhawk Families

January 20-24, 2020

Labour Update

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario has indicated that if the government does not address critical issues, ETFO members will begin rotating strikes beginning January 20, 2020. The Limestone District School Board is NOT yet one of the school boards with a scheduled strike day. All Limestone schools are open and classes will operate as scheduled this week. It may be prudent for families to begin seeking alternative arrangements for child care should a rotating strike occur in Limestone DSB. The Board will be given five days notice should strike action take place.

We remain hopeful that an agreement can be reached soon at the central bargaining table between the province, the unions, and the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA), which represents public school boards at the provincial table.

The Board will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

Please contact Mrs. Campbell or Mrs. Diamond if you have any questions.

This Week and Beyond...

Monday - Day 1

Tuesday - Day 2

  • Music - grade 6-8
  • Hot Lunch: cheese pizza

Wednesday - Day 3

Thursday - Day 4

  • No music
  • Ski Trip with Mrs. Campbell - Grades 6-8
  • Parent Council Meeting 6:00 pm

Friday - Day 5

  • Musical Theatre Club (open to all Gr. 3 - 8 students who love to sing, act & dance - first recess

Upcoming Dates...

January 28 - Hot Lunch: Pepperoni pizza

Janaury 28 - Grade 8 Parent Info Night - LaSalle

January 29 - Teens Trashing Tobacco - Grade 7s and 8s

Janaury 31 - PA Day (no classes)

February 4 - Hot Lunch: cheese pizza

February 11 - Hot Lunch: pepperoni pizza

February 18 - Hot Lunch: cheese pizza

February 25 - Hot Lunch: pepperoni pizza

March 3 - Graduation and Siblings Photo Day

March 3 - Hot Lunch: cheese pizza

March 10 - Hot Lunch: pepperoni pizza

School Sweatshirts

Hopefully by now everyone has received their replacement sweatshirt who wanted one. Our Parent Council asks that Friday be the last day to bring in your unworn JPS sweatshirt to trade for one with an embroidered crest.

Head Lice

We are still seeing multiple cases of head lice in our classrooms. Here's a couple of reminders:

- the best treatment for lice is strand-by-strand pulling of nits/live, using a nit comb

- if your child has lice, you need to wash (in hot water) and dry (on high heat) all pillows, blankets, linens used, stuffies, hats, anything the child wears on his/her head, clothing

- vacuum mattresses

- throw out hair ties

- wash combs/brushes (put them in the dishwasher) or replace

- please ensure your child's hair (if long) is put up in a bun, such that no hair is flowing - until their head is lice-free

- there should be at least 2 treatments - one initial and a week later (as the treatment will kill the live, but may not kill the nits)

We understand the drug store treatment is expensive. If you are having difficulty paying for a treatment, please let us know at the office.

Student Use of Cell Phones at School

Just a reminder that students are not allowed to use their cell phones during school hours (8:50 - 3:35) as per Ontario Legislation - Nov 1/19. The exception is if your child's teacher requests/allows students to use their devices for teaching/learning purposes. If you need to get a message to your child during the school day, please call the office.

Inclement Weather and Bus Cancellations

The snow has come so early this year! Wow! Just a reminder that families need to check the Limestone District School Board website for bus cancellations, also you can have Tri-board notify you or check their Twitter feed or listen to our local radio stations.

School is usually open during inclement weather days, so parents will need to use Safe Arrival to report child's absence if he/she is not coming to school, regardless whether the busses are cancelled. Please indicate "bus cancellation" as the reason.

You can drop students off no earlier than 8:50 and pick up no later than 3:35. Please come in and sign them in during these days - there will be a sign-in and a sign-out at the front door.

Big picture

Safe Arrival, Pick Up & End of Day Arrangement

As part of the Ontario Government's Safe Welcome program, all elementary schools have secure access where all doors are locked during the school day when students are inside the building (doors will be unlocked at recess). Parents/Guardians are still welcome to access the building through the front door. You will need to ring the buzzer (to the right) when you arrive and a staff member will assist you. If you plan to stay at the school between 8:50-3:35, please sign in and get a visitor or volunteer tag. We also ask that if you are waiting for your child, that you wait outside the office and not by the classrooms or in the hallways. If possible (we know that at times there are appointments/circumstances that can't be helped!), we ask that you wait until 3:35 to pick up your child. This will help decrease the interruptions into the classrooms as our students are learning until 3:35. We thank you for your cooperation and support with this initiative.

Every day we have students who are unsure of their end of day arrangement. This often leads to last minute phone calls and holding up the busses. Please ensure that your child and your child's teacher knows what your end of day arrangements are if they differ from the regular routine. Please write a note to your child's teacher indicating that there has been a change. If there is no communication, we will send students to their regular after-school destination (e.g. bus home or Boys and Girls club).

Student Absences

Just a reminder that parents/guardians need to use the Messenger app/website to report student absences. Please do not phone in or e-mail the school. Below is a video tutorial on how to report student absences.
LDSB SchoolMessenger App Tutorial: How to use the app