Bats In Our World

By Joseph

Where Do Bats Live?

Bats live In a lot of places. Bats live in every continent except Antarctica. It's too cold for them to live there. Bats live in dark, quiet places, like caves and coves. The common place they live is big, dark, quiet caves. As you can see, bats can be found on many continents.

What Bats Eat

Have you ever wondered what bats eat? Bats eat insects. For example they eat stink bugs, bees, wasps, and others bugs. Bats also eat small animals such as possums, armadillos, bunnies, and other animals. Lastly they eat plants, such as sun flowers, blossoms, lavender, and other flowers. As you can see, bats eat a lot of different things.

Vampire Bats Vs Fruit Bats

Two common bats are Vampire Bats and Fruit Bats. The Fruit Bat is the largest bat in the world, while the Vampire Bat is a decent size. Fruit Bats eat fruit and small animals like possums, fish, and turtles. Vampire Bats eat blood from pigs, horses, and more. Fruit Bats find their food with their big eyes in the dark. Vampire Bats use their big wings and find blood in the dark. These are differences between Vampire and Fruit Bats.
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Bats And Their Body Parts

Do you know what bats use their body parts for? Bats are color blind. They can't tell colors apart. Bats have three lines in their wings that are their bones. They use their feet to get a good grip on a branch. These are three facts about body parts of a bat.

Bats And Their Huge Wings

Do you ever wonder what bats use their wings for? Bats use their big wings to fight their enemies. They also use their big wings to find where to live. Lastly, they use their wings to protect their babies by putting their wings around the babies. These are some ways bats use their wings.


  1. Color blind- An animal or human that get confused with their colors.
  2. Wings- A body part on an animal that can make them fly.
  3. Grip- To grab on to a branch firmly.
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