Pine Forest Elementary Update



I want to thank all of you for being patient with us during this time of devastation that our community and schools are going through. I know that sitting in the parent drop-off and pick-up lines can be frustrating, but please remember that we have added over 300 students to our campus and it takes a little bit longer to move everyone through. I want to thank everyone that has supported us along the way. Hopefully within a few more weeks, we will be back to normal.

Carnival Update

Due to the destruction that our part of the community has taken during Harvey, we will be postponing our fall carnival. We are looking at having it in the spring. We will send out more information when make plans.


We have decided to let the students go down the halls on Halloween to "Trick-or-Treat" the classrooms. This will be done during the school day, but will not be a party day. If you would like to send candy or cupcakes to share with the class you can. We will be providing candy and treats as well.

Red Ribbon Week will be Oct 30th - Nov 3rd

Monday: Wear Red Day

Tuesday: Career Day (Halloween)

Students can dress up in clothing to represent a career. Halloween costumes are allowed for this day. Nothing scary and no masks or props.

Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day

Messed up hair styles. Hair color is allowed only if it is washable. (Hair must be free of color when returning to school on Thursday)

Thursday: Mismatched Day

Students and staff are encouraged to wear mismatched clothes.

Friday: Team Spirit Day

Students and staff are encouraged to dress in team spirit attire. Vidor Pirates, professional sports teams, Little League, etc.

Pine Forest Elementary Commitments

  • At Pine Forest Elementary, we commit to providing a respectful, safe and caring learning environment for our Students.

  • At Pine Forest Elementary, we commit to communicating and support one another in a positive, respectful manner.

  • At Pine Forest Elementary, we commit to providing communication that is informative and consistent to our Parents.

Important Dates

October 10 - Progress Reports

October 30-November 3 - Red Ribbon Week

November 2 - Reports Cards

November 3 - Homecoming

August/September Parental Involvement Newsletter

Staff Reminders


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