Confucianism Vs. Taoism

"When anger rise think of the consequences."


1.What would a government founded on Confucian principles look like?:Confucianism all about the brotherhood of humanity.

2.How would an Asian family be influenced by confucius teachings?:He made it possible for everyone to be comfortable with what he had to say and the knowledge he had.

3.Are Taoist principles relevant to the issues of everyday life today?:Yes because they believe that life is good and yes life is good and I think that you should live everyday like its your last.

4. How do the individual principles/maxims of each philosophy connect to each other to form an entire religion/way of thinking?:Because they always kept in mind you should treat others the way you would want to be treated and by that way that's how they kept MOST not ALL peace.

-Lao Tze-

This is one of his most famous sayings you will see this saying in many places such as classrooms etc. Lao and Confucius had different types of sayings they were alike in some ways they were both very knowledgeable and they both play a big part in this world today and in our lives.

Similarities and Differences


Place of origin:China

Place of worship:Temple

Human Nature:Approx. 550 B.C.E.(Before Common Era)

Holy days/Official Holidays:Chinese New Year,Ancestor Day

Original Languages:Mandarin or Cantonese


Different founders

Different Goal of religion

Different Status of women

Different Life after death

Different Beliefs