LMS Room 106

Reading Classroom for grades 6,7,and 8


Each student was sent home with a letter on Thursday that outlined the Lancaster School Board's decision to make December 22nd and 23rd staff inservice days. Friday, December 19th will be the last day for the students before Winter Break.


If you're searching for a holiday gift idea, I recommend school supplies. Many of my students are getting down to stubby pencils and falling apart folders. A new school supply wouldn't break the budget and be greatly appreciated.

Week in Review 12/8 - 12/12 *6th Grade*

After an icy start to our work week, we got back to sequencing. We're looking for time sequence and placement sequence words in our reading.

I was at a CESA workshop on Tuesday and my substitute teacher reported that all classes were well-behaved and steady workers. Ahhhh, it feels so good when I know my kids are responsible and reliable. :)

Week in Review 12/8-12/12 *8th Grade*

The puppet shows were "interesting". We're not exactly reading for professional puppeteering yet. I'll just say some of the puppets were a little ( hmmmm, how should I say this ?) . . . unrealistic as they continually sank while they talked. (tee hee hee) The story summary part of the project was the true aim and that part went well for most groups. Thanks for sacrificing some of your old socks.

The compassion of the season was seen clearly in some students who could schedule time Thursday afternoon to work on a covert writing assignment (see the photos at the top). I'm not authorized to say anymore about it except that Santa is grateful for the help. One of my many blessings to reflect on during the holiday season is the depth of my students' hearts and their sense of fun. I am such a lucky teacher!!!

Mark Your Calendars

Dec. 19 - Journals due for 8th graders (last one!!!)
Dec.19 - Last day of school for students, Winter Break begins at 3:30
Jan. 5 - Classes resume


Our Featured Reader is CLAUDIA INGEBRITSEN!

I like books about kids my age and their problems. My favorite writer is Lemony Snicket because he writes my favorite books. The Series of Unfortunate Events and Who Could It Be At This Hour are two of my favorites. They always leave off at a cliffhanger so you want to read the next book.

If I had to choose, I would rather be the writer of a book because they make up the story. It's the most important part of the book. I would write fictional mysteries. I would set the book in Lancaster. Hailey and I started making up a book in fifth grade called Hacked. We named it that because our favorite TV show was Pretty Little Liars so we took the similar mystery idea.

A book that I would like to see made into a movie is Lone Bean. If I was the actor I would play the part of Bean even though she is not the main character. I like that she is always nice to people. She gets embarrassed a lot, but it's funny and she doesn't take it to heart.

Communication Avenues

Phone - 723-6425 ext. 240, there is a voice mail option
E-mail - zabell@lancastersd.k12.wi.us


There are many resources to be used for success at LMS.

If you need a calendar of today's homework, try the Remind site or the school's website.

If you would like to see books,the LMS library catalog is on the school's website under the student tab. The Schreiner Memorial Library (Lancaster's public library) has a website that gives lots of information on their collection, the Southwest Wisconsin Library System collection, the library hours & events and a link to Overdrive for the online collection.


If you need to contact a LMS staff member, look in the staff directory of the school's website.



As part of my attempt to use more technology and to add another way to give an opportunity for student success, I have joined other staff members in using the website Remind. It will give you the homework for the day on your phone or computer. Each student was given a handout with the ways to log on to my page of the Remind website.

Option #1 - Download the Remind app. (it's free) Enter class code @1addd for 8th grade students. Enter @02507 for 6th grade students.

Option #2 - Use this link: www.remind.com

Option #2 - phone number 510-292-4948 then the 8th grade class code is @1addd and the 6th grade code is @02507

I would appreciate feedback on your use with the Remind site.

Read Alouds

6th Grade = Harris and Me by Gary Paulsen

8th Grade = The Pack by Elisa Carbone