Manor Post

Volume 8 December 15, 2015

Happy Holidays

I am hoping everyone takes time to breath and enjoy their families! Sometimes as educators we forget to stop and enjoy simple pleasures in life. Most of us are in this profession because we are passionate about making an impact on young people in a positive way. With this passion sometimes we forget to be in the moment and present with our loved ones. So please, this holiday break don't forget to stop and let the people you care about know how much you love them and appreciate all they do to support you.

From the desk of Counseling and Guidance/College & Career Center/Mentor Manor

The MISD Counseling & Guidance Department held a “Holiday Breakfast Meeting” on December 15th. Participants included elementary & secondary counselors as well as personnel from the College & Career Readiness Center and Mentor! Manor Departments. A special presentation by Greg Molnoskey from the MISD Technology Department impressed upon all the importance of staying connected to all students and being aware of their social and emotional needs and concerns.

Additional presentations included the following:

· Common Sense Education Lesson Requirements by Lacy Bartlett (iTeach)

· Course Guide/Naviance by Jessica Ozuna (CTE)

· MISD Protocol – Student Support Teams & Referral Form by Krista Dusek (CIS)

· MISD Crisis Forms by Lauren Scialdo (MMS)

The revised Data Submission form was presented to share the addition of the 4 Texas Education Agency components: Responsive Services, Guidance Curriculum, Individual Planning, and System Support. Planning for upcoming events included FAFSA Training dates, DTC70 deadlines, Pre-Registration Calendar, and Master Scheduling process. All were asked to promote the No Place for Hate Activity sponsored by central office: the Family Summit for students and parents of all campuses to be held at Manor High School on February 16th to encourage awareness of digital citizenship and cyberbullying prevention.

From the desk of Early Childhood

In regards to Pre-k,

The CLI Engage MOY window for Pre-k is Jan. 21- Feb. 5th.

Regarding Kindergarten,

I have been asked about the DRA MOY window since the initial window was extended. We are wanting to have the assessment window not be too far off, because it pushes into the EOY window. With that said, the MOY window should be the later part of the time that was initially given….. Which will place it at Jan. 12th-Jan. 26th, with Jan.29th being when the scores are due to central.

Your Literacy Coaches have been notified of the dates regarding both assessments, but I just wanted you to be aware of them.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Tonda Brown

Early Childhood Director

Manor ISD

512-278-4422 office

From the desk of Chief Academic Officer

Important Dates:

January 4 and 5, 2016 Campus PD

January 7 Bond Committee Meeting, 6:00 in the boardroom

January 11 Elementary Report Cards, Secondary Progress Reports go home

January 14 Positive Discipline Family Workshop Manor ISD

January 19 Board Meeting

Principals if you are in need of assistance with PD on the 4th and 5th please let the C&I team know how we can assist. I know some of you have reached out and have asked for help but, I wanted to remind everyone we are here to assist in any way we can.

I appreciate all you do for our students of MISD,

Jennifer Mann