Barclay Bulletin

August 20, 2020

Welcome Back

Welcome to those families who are new to Barclay School. I know this has been a difficult time for many of us as we have been preparing for the return to school. I wish that I could say that I have all of the answers and that we are in great shape for the start of the school year. I cannot. I do not have all of the answers. While I feel that we are in the best shape that we can possibly be in, there are many things that still need to be completed before the start of the 2020-2021 school year. These tasks will be completed before students return to learning in their selected cohorts. Our normal processes have taken longer due to the timing and guidance we received from the state.

I have tried to keep my communications limited so that they do not interfere with those coming from the Superintendent or the Office of Instruction. You will continue to see those updates along with updates from the building level. I utilize this Barclay Bulletin to communicate with families throughout the school year.

In the upcoming days you will begin to see information come out regarding cohorts and placement. When that information is communicated I will offer any additional necessary information from the building level. I know things are delayed compared to our normal operations, but we have to balance our needs across the entire district before we can move forward with some of our items. Thank you for your continued patience. I know that it cannot be easy to balance your household needs with our extended timelines. If you find something that is not working, or you have specific questions, I can always be reached at


You may not be aware, but our building is currently under construction for roof repairs. Students who are new to the building will not be able to schedule a tour of the building, but we will be working on a video tour in the upcoming weeks. The first days of school will have a different routine and supports to accommodate all of the students who may need some assistance in finding their teacher. Our current plans due to COVID-19 will not allow for visitors in the buildings, so we will make adjustments to create a welcoming environment for everybody as they return to our building.


We are currently working on laptop distribution plans. Second graders coming from Ginther should be aware that the devices they receive will be laptops, and not I-pads.
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