SSR Project

What I read this year in 7th grade.

If I Stay

The book I read was called If I Stay. The book was by Gayle Forman. The genre for If I Stay is young adult fiction. The subject of the book is about this girl that gets in a car reck with her family. Her family all dies besides her. She lives without a family and it's real,y toung for her.if I would have to rate this book I would rate it a 4. I would rate it a 4 because it wasn't the best book but it was a good book. I think that this book is good because it's got so much going on in it and the action just keeps raising.

Where she went.

The title of this book is called Where She Went. The authors name is Gayle Forman. Genre is young adult fiction. The subject is a girl named Mia who is growing up without a family and remembers how it all happened. She later in the books meets the boy she was she was dating for so long that she broke up with. She is trying to make a life growing up.

Girl Online

The title of this book is called Girl Online. The authors name is Zoella. The genre of this book is romantic, drama, an an noval. The subject of the book is about this girl that loves to take pictures. She goes to New York for your mo because there doing this wedding thing. Then she meets this guy named Noah and falls in love with him. Then she finds out that he was a pop star and she falls apart. Because the whole time he lied to her, and was keeping secrets from her. Then she breaks up with him, and she goes home. When she gets home she hides in her room for a while. Then one day she goes to the beach and looks up on the roof and sees a doll Noah got her. Then Noah shows up. Then they talk about it and everything is all good

Girl Online on Tour

The title of this book is called Girl Online on Tour. The author of this book is Zoella. The genre is romantic, drama, and it's a novel. The subject of this book is penny's goes on tour with Noah. She has to convince her parents to let her go. Then at one of his concerts she loses her phone is the crowed an never found it. Then she starts getting text on her new phone from her phone saying you should leave your not wanted here. Also like Noah is gonna break up with her an stuff. Then she gets scared and Noah tells her it's just a crazy fan. Then later in the book she finally finds out its dean Noah's manager.

All Fall Down

The title of this book is called All Fall Down. This book was written by Ally Carter. The genre of this book is yough adult fiction. The subject of the book is about this girl who watched her mom die in front of her eyes in a fire. She still hasn't let the feeling go and is holding it all inside. People think she's crazy. Then she goes to live in the embassy with her grandfather. Then she gets here flash backs of when her mom was being killed. Then she try's to find out you kille her mother.

Reading reflexive.

I think that I have became a better reader. This year I have done a lot better then how I used to read. When I was in my helping classes i couldn't read very well. When I read I can read pretty good now. I think when I get in high school I will be a better reading then I already am. I like reading it's a lot of fun.

I like reading because I like getting lost in a book. Getting lost in a book is a lot of fun. I could just sit in a room and read all day. I only read books that interest me. If I am reading a book and it bleeds me I will stop reading it. I like books with drama and mysterious. I think I'm more in to books that are fiction.

I think reading can be reading boring sometimes. Some books you have to get to the middle of them to know that there good. When I was reading Girl Online it started off a little boring, but then I got into it and it got better. Some books I will look at the cover and think I'm not reading that it looks boring. Don't judge a book by its cover. I have read some books that people will look at and be like that looks boring, when it's really good. I like reading and I think it's really good for you.

I think this year I have learned a lot about reading. Reading is really good for you. It expands your vocabulary. If I had to say what reading did for me this year; I would say that it helped me a lot. I like reading, but not to much reading. I'm going to read a lot during the summer, well I'm going to try to read a lot. I'm going to sign up for a reading summer program this summer. Summer reading is fun!

My write to learn project.

I think to get kids to read more we need to set up a reading program that is lots of fun. Not a program that just has reading. A program that if you read like 300 minutes you get to go on a trip to like a water park. If they get 600 minutes, they get to go to bowling. I think if we would make reading a fun thing to do lots of kids would love to read. We could also have someone persuade kids to read.

Every summer, we could make a sport out of reading. We could have complete with kids all over the world in a reading contest. We could have kids read as much as they could in three weeks. Then, we could ship all the papers in and see who read the most. Some kids don't like to read because they think it's not a sport. Reading is for everyone not just nerds or whatever people call people that read these days. One problem I see these days is that some kids bully others, because they read. Reading is not something you should get bullied over. Reading is for all kinds of kids. It doesn't matter who you are. No one should ever get bullied because they like to read. Reading is so fun. If you see someone getting picked on for reading stand up to them and look at them and go hey that's not nice. If that doesn't work get an adult. Don't bully others because they read. If you're someone that you think you don't have to read because it's boring, well you should try it. Don't be afraid to pick up a book and start reading.

I wish people would just read more it's so good for you. The best part of reading a book is being able to get lost in it. Sometimes when I read I can get lost in my book. Someone could walk up to me and talk to me, and I wouldn't listen to a word they said. I love reading, and if you just put your heart into it, you can be a really good reader too. Don't think you can't read everyone can read. If you need help get help. When I was growing up a big part, I did was ask for help when I didn't get something.

Another issue I see in today's life is some parents. Some parents just don't care what their children do. I know some parents that don't make their children read or do anything. I think the children just sit in front of an electronic all day. My opinion to that is that's not ok. The more you spend on an electronic the more, you lose brain cells. I think parents nowadays should make their kids go outside and play. I think parents should make their kids read and do chores. That's just my opinion not everyone has the same opinion.

I hope that this persuades you that we should make reading funer. That we should try to get lots of kids to read. Just imagine how much we could do if we had more kids read, and like to read. Reading makes you smarter. It indorduces you to new words. New words that you can learn and expand your vocabulary. I hope lots more kids read. I hope that parents understand that they should make their kids read a lot more. I hope that this summer we can do something fun to make kids wanna read. I think if we got kids to read we would have lots of great people in our world. Getting lost in a good book is way better than sitting in front of an electronic all day. I hope that some of you pick up a book when you get home and read. Reading is fun!

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Girl Online On Tour

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All Fall Down

Girl Online