Adie Weekly News


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Curriculum Corner....

Staff are working hard to make sure that they are able to teach the students how to participate in online learning activities in case we ever find ourselves temporarily participating in remote learning as a result of the virus. Students are exposed to a variety of online instructional activities each day (Seesaw, Boom cards...) in conjunction to their typical hands on activities. Here are a few pictures of our students working on Seesaw activities. Some of the students use a stylus for accuracy.

Halloween week:

Halloween fun!

As a result of the pandemic we were unable to practice trick or treating each week within the school during the month of October as we have done the past few years. This Friday, October 30th, we will host a brief trick or treating event around the outside of the school using the various outside doors to allow the students to practice trick or treating (we love our traditions!). If you have a costume or mask you would like them to wear feel free to send it on on Friday. Classes will also work on making costume masks this week in class. Students will participate on a staggered schedule to ensure social distancing. ****Remote students please feel free to join us! If remote students are interested in participating please call the school and we will share the schedule.
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School photos!!!!

Save the date! O'Connor studios will be at the Adie school for student photos on Monday, November 30th. More details to follow as we get closer.

News from Nurse Lea....

-Just a reminder we are an allergy aware school. Peanuts (peanut butter) are not allowed in the school.

-Families thank you for being supportive during those times in which we call you to check in on your child's symptoms and those times in which we have recommended you follow up with their pediatrician. We are doing our best to keep the virus out of the building and we couldn't do it without your support. Thank you!