Titian Biography

By: Alex Abad


-Titian was born in 1477 in Pieve di Cadore, Italy.

-Titian spent most of his life in Italy.

-He started his education when he visited his brother in a work shop.

-Cecilia married Titian. His painting career lasted 70 years and was very successful. He died in 1576.

-He painted many works including The Gentleman in Blue, The Concert, and Portrait of a Beared Man.

-Titian's patron was Charles V.

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Portrait of a Bearded Man

-Titian created this piece in 1511.

- This piece was so significant because he painted it when he was such a young kid.

-I found this piece so interesting because of the colors he displayed in this painting. He used a variety of colors that look blend good in that picture.

-This shows humanism because he was so talented with the work and paintings he made.

-I think Titian had a very successful career that was one of the longest in history.

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