Somatic Symptom

psychological disorders

Psychological Disorders

Pose mental health issues

Disrupts normal life, mood, feelings, relationships

Causes: genetics, inherited, and environment

Classification of Disorders

Neuro-Development - affecting growth and development of the brain

Schizophrenia - psychotic disorder, hallucinations, delusions

Depressive - persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest

Anxiety - feelings of worry, anxiety, or fear

Stress - persistent, heavy feelings of worry

Personality - abnormal behavior, ritual behavior

Somatic Symptom Disorder

Somatic Symptom Disorder is in classification as a somatoform disorder. People with this disorder experience pain in which causes thought and mental stress. Patients have undivided focus towards pain and it then causes extreme emotional distress.

Some signs include:

  • being scared of potential sickness
  • having fear of medical problems with out evidence of it being present
medical care doesn't seem sufficient enough


  • specific sensations of pain
  • fatigue and weakness out of nowhere
  • no medical evidence to prove there is any problem/pain
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This disorder is more common than known or thought.

Up to 50% of primary care psychiatric patients experience the symptoms of unexplained pain.

This disorder is 13% of somatoform disorders.

2:1 female to male ratio.

It has been anywhere from 11-500/100,000 people reported to have it.

1/3 of the population has reported signs/symptoms of this disorder.

Current Research and Known Facts

  • Diagnosis: have one or more of the symptoms, have a focus on pain with a medical exam showing no cause, determine is any health problem is foreseen
  • This disorder may stem from or lead to other disorders. For example, having a focus on pain may lead to anxiety and stress. being worried constantly of medical problems may lead to mental problems such as depression; the thoughts begin to take over patients lives in extreme conditions.
  • There are no known causes except for having a prior history of bad health.
  • PREVENTION: be physically healthy, practice stress and anxiety relief routines, participate in activities that you enjoy.

In The World Today

These stars have been reported to have this disorder:

Charlie Sheen

Michael Jackson

Leonardo DiCaprio

David Beckham

Many people have symptoms, but never go as far as to get checked for the disorder.

These famous people have pt out that they have this disorder.


The goal of treatment is to relieve the pain as well as the focus on it. Many patients go through psychotherapy to learn about medical and health care and learn the expectations and statistic of it. This is to improve their trust in treatment. Not many patients receive medication, but when they do it is usually anti-depressants.This is because this disorder has no medication as there is no medical causes, but it does lead to mental health problems such as depression, needing treatment.

Most treatment falls under individual or group psychotherapy as the goal is to change the patient's mindset.


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