By: Adriana Brown


  • Discovered in 1898
  • Found by Sir William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers
  • Took place in Great Britain


  • With Argon in the filling of fluorescent lights
  • Used in some photographic flash lamps for high-speed photograph
  • Lamps
  • UV-laser spectral line used for international measurement of a meter
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  • Colorless gas
  • No odor
  • When solid, has a crystalline structure with a face-entered structure
  • The crystalline structure is very common in rare gases

Biology (In humans)

  • Different bodies have different amounts of Krypton
  • There is an equation you can use to find out how much your body contains

Geology (In the universe)

  • Present in the air
  • Extent of about 1 ppm
  • Mars contains a little amount of Krypton


  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Bond energy in gaseous species KrKr is 5.23 kJ

Interesting Facts

  • Not abundant in Earth's atmosphere
  • Every Krypton atom = About 8200 argon atoms
  • About 184000 oxygen molecules
  • 685000 nitrogen molecules
  • Used in the atmosphere to detect nuclear weapons research and production facilities