Spiny Dogfish Shark

by: Hanna Lamendola

Bob the Dogfish

hi im Bob! and im here to tell you all about me, myself, and I.

i am a shark (obviously) and you will be disecting me in your biology class! I am a part of the Animal Kingdom. Its a rough world out there! i always have to fend for myself and chasing after my lunch is a lot of work! it Requires me to use every fin in my body!

part of the Spiny Dogfish Shark (Bob)

these are the fins and body parts that i have to use to catch my lunch! It takes a lot to be able to catch your next meal.


These are some of my organs that you will be able to see when you disect me! How exciting!

  • Gallbladder: stores bile that liver creates
  • Heart: pumps blood and keeps the body moving
  • Kidney: filter out bad blood and puts out good blood
  • Liver: creates bile
  • Pancreas: puts out hormones
  • Small intestine: absorbes nutrients
  • Large intestine: creates waste
  • Stomach: stores and digests the food it eats
  • Esophagus: tube that pushes the food down the sharks stomach
  • Rectum: the storage container for digested food
  • Claspers: the area that waste is distributed
  • Lateral line: used to detect vibration
  • Gills: allow the spiny dogfish shark to breath


I have many names and classes that i belong into, such as

Kingdom: animal

phylum: Chordate

class: Chondrichthyes

order: Squaliformes


genus: Surpdog

species: Squalus acanthias

(try saying that 5 times fast) but most people just call me Bob.

Spiny dogfish appetite

What the Spiny Dogfish (Bob) calls home

The Spiny Dogfish is usually found in cold and warm waters that are between 0 and 15 degrees C. They are usually found in depths that vary from 10 to 200 meters.

Life span

The Spiny Dogfish Shark (Bob) usually lives 18-24 months after mating season