Manic Depression

Megan Crawford- 10/16/15- Health 5


Is a serious disorder of the brain that causes server swing in moods, and energy thinking

" You could see me with a happy face and then you could see me with a sad face."






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>racing speech and thoughts

>lots of energy

>less need to sleep

>"daredevil" behavior

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Age/Gender Specific:

>The bipolar disorder is commonly found in men and women

>18 or older

> Onset 25 years old

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>call (844)-250-2478

>or go to

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>reduce symptoms of depressive and manic episodes\

>reduce the likelihood of future episodes

>reduce the severity of the diseas


A french psychiatrist Jean- Pierre Falret published an article in 1851. It described the details about the patients switching through severe depression. It was considered the first document diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Falret noted a genetic connection in bipolar disorder. Today scientist still believe about this genetic connection.