prince edward island

a beautiful place to live

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Islands is a beautiful place to live there's so many wonderful beaches there. it is a wonderful place to be with your family and have fun.


west)New Brunswick

south)Nova Scotia


east)New Foundland


_light houses



_music festivals



_Victoria park Charlottetown.

_Confederation centre of the arts Charlottetown.

_mill river fun park p.e.i.

light houses

Seacrow head light

Cape tryon light

north cape light

point prim light station

st.peters harbour light

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tea hill park and beach

chelton beach provical park

basin head provincal park

major landforms

white sandy beaches
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Major Cities



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natural resources




wonder Question #1, and answer

Question:how many people live in prince edward islands.

Answer:146.000 people live in Prince Edward Islands as of July 1 2015.

wonder Question #2, and answer

Question:how many beaches are there

answer:there are 23 beaches in Prince Edward Islands

wonder Question #3, and answer

Question:are there farms there?

Answer:there are farms in Prince Edward Islands


this is a picture of the Prince Edward Island flag.
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Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in canada
Prince Edward Island, Canada