Dat Gildge Age

By: Max Galatz

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Samuel Gompers

Who: Samuel Gompers

Where: Born in London

What: Cigar maker and found the ALH (American Labor History)

When: 20th centery

Why: He was big because he found the ALH

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Samuel Morse

Who: Samuel Morse

Where: Born in Boston ,MA

What: Invention of the single wire telegram and co-developer of Morse Code

When: 20th Centery

Why: Invention of the single wire telegram and Morse Code

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Central Pacific Railroads

What: Central Pacific Railroads

Where: Builded between California and Utah

Who: Planed by Theodore Judah

When: 1863-1959 (when they were open, not the building time)

Why: Transpiration

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What: A relationship where by property is held by one party for the benefits of another

When: Trusts have been existed sense the roman times

Where: Big Plantations and business use trusts

Who: Big Plantations and business

Why: Help from other Businesses for materials