The Kookaburra

by Lucy K & Lillian H


Scientific Name: Dacelo

Common Name: Kookaburra


Both genders appear the same with a cream coloured head, neck and stomach, and dark brown crowns and eye-stripes. Their brown wings have flecked light blue above the flight feathers.


Kookaburras move swiftly through the air, diving and swooping at their prey. Occasionally the kookaburra will hunt on the ground in search of earthworms, sticking their beaks into holes and ditches. They haven't got as graceful movement on the ground as the air but they do make progress.


Kookaburras are smart predators, usually hunting on ground searching for animals from a strategic perch. Their diet includes insects, reptiles, frogs, fish, earthworms and small birds. Occasionally they will feast on rodents and small snakes. Basically they are carnivores.