The Road to Perseverance

5 People's journeys through adversity.

How do you Persevere?

Persevering requires a lot of resilience. In order to triumph, adversities must be faced. These 5 famous people have made, or are making history right now with their ambitious attitudes and have all inspired the world.

1. Jackie Robinson (Description)

In the 1930s, African Americans were not allowed to play baseball in the MLB. Jackie Robinson was the first baseball player to ever beat the color barrier. With the help of Brooklyn Dodger's Branch Rickey, he made history by making it possible for African Americans a part of Major League Baseball. Robinson was first contacted by Rickey when he came up with an idea he liked to call "The Noble Experiment". This project was going to be used to get African Americans into the MLB. Rickey knew that people everywhere would not be happy with the thought of adding African Americans to professional baseball. To avoid problems, Rickey told everyone that the meaning of “The Noble Experiment” was to form a Negro League, while he was really trying to get Robinson and other African Americans in the future to play in professional baseball. In order to do this, Robinson had to put up with racial insults and even physical violence thrown at him. There was only one solution: For Robinson not to retaliate. By doing this people would see how focused on the game he truly was, and even accept him as a Major League Baseball player. On his first game on April 12th 1941, he was harassed horribly and played terribly. By the end of his career, he had been named MVP and had become many people's hero.

2. Eleanor Roosevelt (Sequence)

Eleanor Roosevelt wasn't just any first lady. She was called "the First Lady of the World" by the American Ambassador for the United Nations, Adlai Stevenson. After facing a rough childhood of her parents wanting a boy, more than half her family dying, and being neglected by her grandmother, nobody ever thought she would change the world like she did. She was married to her 5th cousin, Franklin Roosevelt, whom she had known all her life. He became president and eventually became ill with polio. He continued to work with Eleanor by his side, and she supported him however she could until he died. Eleanor still did everything she could to help change the world, including travelling and visiting hospitals around the world.

3. Robby Novak (Compare and Contrast)

Robby Novak is not like other YouTubers, such as Connor Franta or Zoe Sugg. While most famous YouTubers are seventeen and older, Robby Novak who has taken on the persona of "Kid President" on YouTube is only nine. He is similar to other famous YouTubers in ways such as they both have over one million views on their videos. They are also very different, because most famous YouTubers don't have osteogenesis, which is a severe, chronic bone disease that has effected Robby's life as well as many other people in the world. This means he breaks bones easily and has to have many surgeries. He also has medicine given to him every month at a hospital. With a condition like this, it can be extremely hard to persevere through anything. Somehow, this nine year old from Tennessee has done it, and continues to do it through all of his struggles. Most of his videos are inspirational pep talks, trying to get the viewers to see what they can do to make the world more awesome. Even though he's so early in his career, he truly is making the world more awesome.

4. Carroll Acadamy (Problem and Solution)

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5. Winston Churchill (Cause and Effect)

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In conclusion...

Persevering has been a great aid to many people in the past. This means you could do just as great things as everyone listed above. Take the Road to Perseverance today.