Times: In Latin America

The Yearly "Update" On Latin America - By: Talia Hassell

Environmental Issues in Brazil

Number of Trees Rapidly Decreasing

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world and is home to many trees. However, due to deforestation, the amount of trees in the forest is decreasing fast! Deforestation is the cutting down of trees. Scientists say that in the next 50 years, the Amazon Rainforest will be entirely gone! However, there are some solutions to this problem. One solution is to use use wood-free products. If we use products that don't have any wood in them, we could save many trees. Another solution is to ban cutting down trees in large, specific areas of the Amazon. In conclusion, we need to conserve trees! For example, we need them in order to breathe! Do you want to die in the next 50 years?

Cuba's Government

Communist Chaos

The current leader in Cuba is Raul Castro. He became the president of Cuba when his brother Fidel Castro, the original president of Cuba, got too old and resigned. The length of one term is five years long but Raul is planning on being in office for two terms. The type of government that Cuba has is an Autocratic government or a Dictatorship. A current issue is Cuba is some Cubans feel like they should have more rights and don't like the communist government. They feel like they need more say in their government. Is communism leading into chaos?

Brazilian Economy

Is Brazil's Economy Flourishing

Brazil's top trading partners are China, the US, and Argentina. Its number one import is Crude Oil from China. Brazil is the ninth biggest oil producer in the world! Its number one export is Iron Ore to China. Obviously, China is a major trading partner. Brazil's Literacy Rate is 90.4%. The Literacy Rate is the number of people who can read or write at 15 years or older. Brazil's GDP or Gross Domestic Product was 11,208.08 USD in 2013.

How Venezuela Gained Their Independence

The Story of Simon Bolivar's Fight For Freedom

Venezuela gained their independence on July 5th, 1811 thanks to Simon Bolivar. Simon was originally from Venezuela. He was born rich and was sent to Spain for a special education. When he arrived, he saw lot's of freedom and wanted it for Venezuela. He wanted to free them from all of the taxes and restrictions that Spain gave them. He led many marches and revolts and ended up freeing not only Venezuela but also Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, and Bolivia.

Physical Features of Mexico

Must See Sights In Mexico