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Grace S

Why I like this quote

I think this quote because this happens to me often.
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All About Me and My Reading

When I find a good book I will enjoy spending my extra time reading. I remember learning how to read with the little beginner books with abut one to two words a page. Normally when I find a good book and get interested in it you will have to take it out of my hands to make me stop reading it.

10 Things about me as a reader

  1. My favorite magazine is ''Splash''
  2. The last book i read was called ''Head Above Water''
  3. I read some books online
  4. I cry when i read a sad book
  5. I tune everything else out when I read
  6. It takes me a long time to finish long books
  7. I never use bookmarks
  8. I like sports books
  9. I like movies better than the books
  10. I read the most after school


Some of my favorite books are the Divergent series. Also i really enjoy reading books about swimming and other sports books. I like to read People magazine and others like that because they are very interesting and have cool stories.


I chose this song because reading makes me happy so this song represents people being happy.
Nursery Rhymes for Chi... : If You're Happy And You Know It - Nursery Rhyme

Latest Readings

The last thing i read was the Divergent series, which I really liked. Right now i am reading Head Above Water. So far it has been one of my favorite books i have ever read.
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Bookshelf Tour | 2015

Recommended site!

I think this site is very helpful because he shows you such a variety of books and explains some about them.If you are trying to get good recommendations you should use this site.

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