Dakota Tribe

By: Olivea and Nureini

Dakota Tribe Homeland

The Dakota tribe lived on the Eastern side of North Dakota. They also lived in parts of Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Wisconsin. The geography of the area

was hilly, and rocky in the Black Hills of South Dakota. There were plains also, especially in Nebraska. They also lived around Lake Aggasiz.


Family Life



The Dakota Tribes lived in tepees. Tepees were constructed from wooden poles that were covered with animal skins like buffalo hides. Buffalo hides were used for seating & bedding. A hearth was built in the center of the tepee for cooking and heating. Most tepees were 12 to 16 feet in diameter at the base. This type shelter was good for the moving life of the Dakota tribe. A tepee was quick to dissemble.





The women of the tribe usually made the clothes, mostly made from deer and buffalo hides. Clothing was often decorated with paint, beads or other articles of decoration. They also wore moccasins for shoes and buffalo-hide robes in brutal weather. Also, the Dakota Tribe adapted European ways of clothing like vests, cloth dresses, and blanket robes.


Transportation/ Interaction with People

-Traveled over land; used dog sleds & horses to get around



Major God: Wakantanka

Minor Gods: Inyan, Skan, Maka, and Wi

Dances: Dead Dance "Ghost Dance"



  • Hobbies include pottery, beading, buffalo hide paintings, and native quillwork
  • The men gathered food and protected the family from harm
  • Their diet included elk, antelope, turkey, and deer meat.