Hair Stylists

Hayley Serrano- 7th

career description

> hair stylists enhance the beauty of the clients hair.

> they shampoo, trim, cut, blow dry and color the clients hair.

> perform reception duties and sell retail products.

why this career?

> I chose this career because it seemed interesting. Also because I like to play/ style my sister hair for fun.


> complete a training program at a sate approved school to get your license

> you can also earn your associates degree in cosmetology

salary & demand

> many hairdressers are self employed and only work part time

> average pay is $23,140

> best-paid: $44,220 to worst-paid: $17,010

> "the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in this “calling” will grow by 12.7 percent"

day on the job

"As you can imagine we need a lot of towels in the salon so one of the first jobs of the day is to go and pick these up from the laundry, I then need to get my work station ready before the first guest arrives. Shortly before opening the doors of the Salon the Spa Manager updates us on the latest instructions and information and I have to look at how many clients I have booked in for the day and what treatments they want to have done.

My day today is fully booked and with some luck I will have a 45 minute break for lunch. First I have a gentleman who wants the full works including trimming his beard and having a shave. Then my next client would like some blonde highlights put into her very long hair. Next several children are needing a haircut (or so their parents think so), and in the evening I then have 2 ladies booked in who want to have a glamorous hairdo for tonight, the Captain's welcome party and dinner.

So this is what my day looks like today – of course my day doesn't just end once the last client has left the salon, I will then need to clean up my area, get all the products I have used today replenished and take the used towels to the laundry.

Very often we have a meeting with the Spa Manager in the end of the day, as well as training sessions, such as how to improve sales, or styling tips for the other team members."