Weather & Nature

MacBeth by William Shakespeare

Act I, Scene I, Page 1

"When shall we meet again. In thunder, lightning, or in rain"
  • The witches will meet in dark, evil, & plagued times
  • Thunder, lightning, & rain are all dangerous
  • Foreshawdow something bad will happen

Act II, Scene III, page 25

"Our chimneys were blown down ... strange screams of death"
  • After Duncan died, lots of bad things started happening, like chimneys blowing over
  • As if nature is trying to tell everybody that Duncan was murdered
  • Nature doesn't approve of Duncan's death

Act V, Scene IV, Page 75

"Let every soldier hew him down a bough ... we shadow the numbers to our host"
  • Malcolm & Macduff disquise army
  • Hold tree branches in front of them
  • MacBeth doesn't know how many troops there are
  • Witches prophecy - the forest is marching

Shakespeare's message about weather/nature

  • I believe that Shakespeare's message about weather/nature is very effective
  • He used it to foreshadow events that were going to happen
  • He told you that the witches will come back in a plagued time
  • Chimneys blowing over said something bad happened
  • Soldiers hiding behind the tree brances showed the prophocy came true
  • Weather and nature had a huge impact on the outcome of thr play