The Hurried Child Syndrome

Krysten Kelly

What is the Hurried Child Syndrome and is it real?

I personally believe that this syndrome is real. I think that parents can push their children too far and make them grow up faster than they should. Parents shouldn't expect to act more than what the age of their child is. Although, sometimes if the parents can't help it children get pushed to mature and take over things faster than they should.

What factors cause children to grow up too fast?

Children are being exposed to explicit material as they are on their phones often without supervision. The material that they see on the internet that they expose themselves too make them think thats the social norm and they should act that way to which makes them grow too fast. Also, how their parents treat them and what environment and atmosphere they're exposed too can affect the way they act and mold their personalities.

What can parents do differently?

Parents should limit the accessibility to their childs internet usage and restrict some sites that they shouldn’t be on. Children shouldn’t have social media. Interact with their children more often to keep them busy outside or be more family oriented. Parents should make sure they are raising children in a stable enviroment.

How do you think this issue has changed over eras of history? Were kids less hurried years ago? More hurried? Was there more/less pressure at other times?

I think kids were more hurried years ago during the Great Depression, Civil War, Slavery. Kids had to step up to the plate and help take care of their families. Today, Amish culture make their children act as adults and take care of their families as well.

Personal Experience

I personally have experienced this syndrome because I have been put through many things that made me grow quicker than I should have. I had to help raise my sister for a little while. I currently am working a few jobs to help my family as well.