Gifted and Talented Tidbits 18

By Lenora Barnes 1/28/16


The students practiced critical thinking and problem solving by completing Visual Brainstorms. The third and fourth graders also had to use their math knowledge and skills to complete one of their Brainstorm challenges. The classes continued with their read aloud books.

The first and second grade students continued to research about their chosen animal for the TPSP Animal Nation project. Not only are the students learning basic information about their animals, they are also being required to answer questions with more depth and complexity.

For example:

How would the world be different without your animal?

How has your animal changed over time?

What do you predict will happen to your animal in the future?

They are also required to write three higher level questions of their own to answer.

The third and fourth grade students continued to work on their TPSP projects. Each project group met with me to discuss their progress and any questions that they had. Some of the students were learning about the theories that scientists from different disciplines have about their enigmas. Other students were not only developing an innovate idea for a new product, but were also learning about market research, marketing, and branding.


No GT Class (I will be attending the TAGT Leadership Conference.) - April 4-5, 2016 (Mon. & Tues.)

Noetic Math Challenge Contest - Week of April 8, 2016

Third and Fourth Grade TPSP Project Presentations - Week of April 25, 2016


The Gifted Brain

There is, by means of an increase in neuroglial cell production, accelerated synapticactivity that allows for more accelerated thought processing.

The neurons are biochemically richer, allowing for more complex patterns of thought.

More use is made of the activity of the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This allows for more future planning, insightful thinking, and intuitive experiences.

- Sousa, D. (2009)

What Do Gifted Students Need to Succeed?

Support- Gifted students need trustworthy people in their life that they can turn to that are willing to help them. Be willing to listen to their argument or side of a situation even if you don't agree or can't/won't change the situation they are concerned about. Sometimes listening is all it takes to satisfy them. Gifted kids just need to be heard.