For Drew & Valerie

An official invitation!

Well, Hello!

We are looking forward to spending time with you both this upcoming weekend. Since Doug's invitation didn't even seem to include an understanding of implicit lodging, I thought I'd follow up with a little more information. Background picture, by the way, is the Russian River, which runs right near the house, but right now it's just a trickle.

  • We will drive up Friday evening. You both are welcome to come anytime you like--either Friday evening as late as you like, or the next day. It generally takes us about 1:45 with little traffic (which is why we like to leave Friday evening). 19th Ave and about 10 miles south of Petaluma are the two areas where traffic can be bad.
  • If you decide to come a little later on Saturday you can always meet us downtown at the wine walk event...downtown is small and we can meet up anywhere. I included a link to the event description below, but don't buy tickets; we already have two for you.
  • We made reservations for dinner at 6:30 on Saturday at a restaurant Doug really likes called Scopa. Since it's his birthday I figure we gotta make him happy (and am betting he'll order Nona's chicken).
  • Sunday maybe we can all go to Parish for brunch/lunch...? We actually haven't been there other than for an order of beignets to go.
  • We won't be in a hurry to leave Sunday and probably won't drive back til evening, but you two should feel free to do whatever you like; we can all go to wineries or hang out downtown, or you guys might decide to leave on the earlier side and explore the area on your own on your drive back.
  • House location/contact info is at bottom of the page. You have Doug's cell; mine is 415-999-7227 (just in case)

Fun Things to Do

  • Hike Sunday morning before breakfast here or here?
  • If you're still interested in wine Sunday we have tasting passes for more wineries you would want to go to and are members at one (plus their sister winery): VML (and Truett-Hurst)
  • Lots of day spas


  • Shed--Doug thinks the place is way too precious and pretentious, but he won't deny it's beautiful
  • Downtown Bakery/Creamery--Fritter and I walk here a lot in the summer for morning coffee
  • Mustache--If you like cupcakes, these ones are really good
  • Noble Folk--More sweets! Interesting flavors of ice cream and big slices of pie.

Honestly, this list could go on awhile...really, lots of eating and drinking is what's to do.

Your Home Away From Home

While the backyard is still under construction, the inside is fairly presentable.

  • Your bedroom has a queen-sized bed, a dresser with extra towels, a small desk (which folds out to twice size if you need), and two closets.
  • Your bathroom has plenty of towels, soap, shampoo, hair dryer, whatnot.
  • Wireless internet (password is in room), so feel free to bring computers/iPad/whatever.
  • If you guys make your own plans for some of Sunday just ask for an extra key and you can come and go as you like.
  • It's about one mile from the house to downtown and we frequently walk; also three bicycles in the garage (though at this point tires may be flat).