Nuclear Proliferation

Michael Buntemeyer

What is Nuclear Proliferation?

Nuclear Proliferation is the spread of nuclear and high-power weapons around the world.
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World map of states that have nuclear programs/weapons.

  1. Red- States with confirmed nuclear weapons according the NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty)
  2. Orange- States known to have nuclear weapons
  3. Purple- States no longer possessing nuclear weapons
  4. Tan- States suspected of developing nuclear programs/weapons
  5. Blue- States That formally possessed nuclear programs/weapons
  6. Pink- States that own nuclear weapons but haven't adopted them

What is the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty?

The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) is a treaty signed on the 1st of July 1968. It's plan is to stop the proliferation, or the rapid increase in number, of nuclear programs/weapons around the world. It also pushes for more cooperative uses of nuclear energy.
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World Map of NPT States

  1. Light Blue- States endorsing to the NPT
  2. Dark Blue- States approved according the NPT
  3. Light Green- Other endorsed states
  4. Dark Green- Other approved or to-be approved states
  5. Red- States signed onto the NPT
  6. Orange- Withdrawn from the NPT (North Korea)
  7. Yellow- State unrecognized by the NPT but abiding by the treaty (Taiwan)