Mrs. Green's Class Newsletter

Room 203

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What's New?

We have had a very busy week! The students performed the musical three times this week and went on two field trips! I'm sure they will be exhausted this weekend. Thank you for ensuring they keep up with their homework and get a good night's sleep.

Thank you to Mrs. Buti for attending the Civil War museum with us today. We had a blast! The students got to explore the museum and watch a powerful one-person play about a runaway slave in 1842.

Please take a look at upcoming dates. There are more events on our calendar, including PARCC. Please schedule appointments around these times.

Our Learning:


This week we began learning about quadrilaterals. We focused specifically on the properties of parallelograms. The students continued to apply their knowledge of triangles in order to find out the missing angles in parallelograms.

Last week's test is coming home in student's Friday Folder's. Please sign and return these tests with their folder on Monday.


Mrs. Van Nevel continued her lesson on deep thinking. She read a story on friendship and showed the students how to "step outside the story" to find author's message to us. Then, she modeled how to write a response that would "wow" junior high teachers. The students then practiced writing their own responses to the passage.


In Writer's Workshop, we are continuing to work on non-fiction picture books. We learned about some helpful tips for researching and how to tell if a website is reliable. Then the students began to research their topics.

Social Studies

It is now 1862. The North and South fought in two bloody Battles this year: The Battle of Shiloh and the Battle of Antietam. They performed a play that taught them the hardships of being a soldier. They also picked out an Archives Project. This is an at-home project due Thursday, May 7.

Ask Your Child About:

* Kate Messner Author Visit

* Musical Performance

* Covenant Village

* Civil War Field Trip

* Spanish video

Dates to Remember:

  • Tuesday, April 28
  • School Board Meeting (7:00 pm)

  • Friday, May 1
  • PARCC (10:20-11:40 am)

  • Tuesday, May 5
  • Cinco de Mayo Art Celebration (morning)