Windsor Manor Elementary

January 2020 Cub Connection Newsletter

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Elementary Art Department

The Elementary Art Department would like to thank our Red Lion community for its continued support of our district-wide elementary art show the past few years. We are excited to inform you that we will be hosting a new Elementary Arts Event during the 2020-2021 school year. We will be taking this year to plan for our new event and look forward to seeing you during the 2020-2021 school year. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm going forward!

Inclement Weather Procedure

In the event of school closing or an emergency, below is a list of radio/TV stations that will be notified regarding a change of schedule. In addition, Red Lion residents may visit the district web-page,, for current information. Our “Skylert” notification system will also be in effect during the school year. Please be sure to keep phone numbers and e-mails active with the school office.


* WRVV-FM (97.3)

* BOB-FM (94.9)

* WHP-AM (580)

* KISS-FM (99.3)


* CW-TV 15

* WSBA-AM (910)

* WARM-FM (103.3)

* WSOX-FM (96.1)

* WKZF-FM (92.7)

* WTPA-FM (92.1)

* WCAT-FM (102.3)

* WQLV-FM (98.9)

Only the four stations in bold listed above will be contacted by RLASD. The stations listed below the bold stations, indicated with an *, are associated and use the same automated systems. These * stations link and will copy the bold stations’ announcements.


Reminder to interested parents: Return permission slips for the school professional dental cleaning, completed by the RL school dental hygienist. See your school nurse, if a form is needed. If your child has been to the dentist, please return the Family Dental Report form to the school nurse.

  • Timing is everything. A diet that promotes good oral health is not just about the foods you eat or avoid — when and how you eat them is equally important.
  • Foods that take a long time to chew or that you hold in your mouth (such as cough drops) can damage teeth as they retain sugar in the mouth longer than do other foods.
  • Instead of snacking on sugary, carbohydrate-rich or acidic foods throughout the day, eat these foods just during meal times in order to minimize the amount of time teeth are exposed to acid. In addition, the body produces more saliva to help digest larger meals, which washes away more food and helps neutralize harmful acids before they can attack teeth.
  • Remember to brush and floss before bedtime to remove all the food particles….but also brush before you come to school.

Calendar of Events

1/1 - No School! Happy New Year!

1/3 - Wear your Windsor Manor T-shirt (received at the shoe assembly)

1/7 - Good News Club, 3:30 pm

1/9 - Elementary work out day

1/14 - Good News Club, 3:30 pm, Family Game Night, 5:30 -7 pm

1/16 - School Board Meeting @ E.C. @ 7 PM

1/17 - End of 2nd Marking Period

1/20 - No School

1/21 - No School (Teacher Professional Development Day)

1/28 - Good News Club, 3:30 pm

Cafeteria News

In conjunction with the school nurses, Windsor Manor will be making some modifications to our breakfast menu and a minor alteration to our lunch drink choice to help incorporate a well-balanced diet to support our learners' school day. Some of the changes after the New Year include:

  • Our main breakfast items will include options that have whole grains and less added sugar to provide a healthy, balanced meal.

  • Students will have a choice of 1% milk or skim with all meals every day. Water will continue to be offered as an option with their lunch. Each Friday, students will have an opportunity to select flavored milk (chocolate or strawberry) with their lunch.

  • Along with the main breakfast choice, students will have a choice of assorted cereal: Apple Jacks, Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Chex.

  • Students will continue to have a choice of string cheese or yogurt and a choice between fruit or juice.

  • On the last Monday of each month, we will serve a "Kid's Favorite" as a breakfast choice. On Monday, January 27, we will offer "Mini Cinni's."

Evidence suggests that eating a well-balanced breakfast helps students learn and we are hopeful these little changes will provide your child with the best opportunity to learn and grow. Thank you for your continued support.

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