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November 9

Ad Sales: Ad Sales will end at the end of this month. Students will turn in all of their ad information for seniors and business ads. Hopefully, we will be able to document more success.

Content Knowledge: Now that page work is in full swing, there will not be a lot of direct instruction. Instruction will mostly come through the needs of the students after viewing the first deadline's worth of pages. Students are using their content knowledge to complete their assigned pages.

Ladder: Today, is the first Full Content deadline. Students are to have pages complete by the end of the day today. They are working independently and collaborating with their classmates to complete their pages.

Photography Opportunities: Students are working on their photography opportunities for the month of November at this time. They will turn them in at the end of the month. Each student is expected to complete five opportunities.


  1. Full Content Deadline I: November 9
  2. Ad Sales Deadline: November 23
  3. Photography and Interview Deadline II: November 30