Student Support Services

November 2021


GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODES! Remember to check often!

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Academic deans and the Get Ready office had grade-level check-ins with students during the month of October. If you missed the meeting with your dean (grades 9-10) or Get Ready (grades 11-12), please connect with your dean to fill out a questionnaire and get more information. We enjoyed meeting students and making connections with Fridley scholars.

PBIS Student Spotlight!

Special congratulations go out this week to Allison Lopez, Sophia Jensen, Isaac Garay Cruz and Alayna Williams. These students displayed the PBIS character traits of being respectful, being responsible and being real at Fridley HS. We are so proud of your hard work, scholars.


Students in grades 9-12 are allowed to go on two college visits per year during the school day. These visits will be an excused absence if students fill out the College Visit Form located outside of the SSS office. The steps to follow are listed on the form. We encourage students and families to take advantage of in-person and virtual college visits this fall. If you have questions, schedule an appointment or email your dean.

WANT TO TAKE THE ACT THIS FALL? Remember to register by November 5th!

The next available testing date is December 11th, 2021. Reminder: deadline to register for the December test is November 5th. Visit to register. The school code for Fridley HS is 241612.

The ACT will be offered at Fridley High School in April 2022.


12th graders who are interested in retaking the ACT test, should sign up by creating an account on the ACT website. . The ACT test does have a fee ranging from $50-$67. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch are eligible for a fee waiver. See your dean with questions

Upcoming ACT tests/registration deadlines:

Test: December 11th Deadline: November 5th

Test: February 12th Deadline: January 7th

Transcript? Click or scan the QR code to visit Parchment!

How to send a High School Transcript

All college applications will require the student’s high school transcript to be sent after the application is submitted and again after graduation. All transcripts are sent through our electronic service called Parchment. Students need to create an account. They will keep this account even after they graduate to request their transcript. For more information and help with parchment you can also visit the HS website:

1. Go to the Fridley Parchment website:

2. Create an account. Registration codes were sent to each student (Fridley gmail). If they do not use the code, students need to make sure they are linked to Fridley High School and choose the correct graduation year.

3. Students may request a transcript. They search for the college, then click “Order”.

The order is not automatically sent. Our office secretary reviews the order, uploads the most current transcript, then sends the transcript.

Extended Day - Credit Recovery (Nov. 5th Deadline for CLP)

Deans are starting to meet with students that are 16 and older about credit recovery. Extended Day begins on November 16th for Seniors and Juniors. Extended Day is using the platform Edgenuity and will connect with their teachers virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15pm-4:15pm. In order to start on November 16th, the CLP needs to be signed and returned no later than Friday, November 5th.

If your child is a 10th grader and you’d like them to start extended day, please reach out to your academic dean. Otherwise more information will come out 2nd semester for 10th grade students interested in credit recovery. Please contact the Academic Dean if you have any questions.

12th Graders - Letters of Recommendation

Students may need letters of recommendation for some college applications or for scholarships. Typically, recommenders may be teachers (current or former), employers, coaches, or other adults who can highlight the leadership and/or academic qualities of the student. If the application requires a school counselor, please use the academic dean to complete that portion.

Things for students to remember:

· Talk to the recommender early! 2 weeks is generally a good minimum amount of time for a recommender to complete a well-written letter.

· Give recommenders the exact details—What/who is the letter for? When is it due? How is the letter submitted?

· It’s a good idea for students to waive their right to see the recommendation letter. This means the recommender will submit the letter directly to the college/scholarship by mail or upload it online.

· Always ask the recommender permission to use them as a recommender on an application. Ask in person, if possible. Email is generally acceptable as well.

· Use recommenders who will be able to highlight positives.

· It’s ok for a recommender to say no. They may not have the time to devote to a letter right now.

· Give the recommender a resume or details about what the student has accomplished and would like highlighted in the letter.

National College Fair

The National College Fair is virtual this year; there are a variety of virtual college fairs to attend online between October 3rd-November 14th. For more information, visit

FAFSA! (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

The FAFSA is the application through the federal government that must be completed in order for college students to be eligible for free aid (grants) and federal student loans. Some scholarships also require that the FAFSA is completed. The FAFSA opens on OCTOBER 1 and will remain open until next summer. This application is for students entering college for the 2022-2023 school year. In general, the earlier FAFSA is completed, the better. Most college financial aid offices recommend that the FAFSA is completed between October and February. Students complete the FAFSA every year they attend college. If you have not completed the FAFSA before, it may seem difficult. The process is fairly simple and necessary for students to complete. Students need information from at least one parent/guardian, plus their personal financial information in order to complete the FAFSA. More information found here:

There are tons of great resources on the website below. It outlines everything you need to know about financial aid.