Weather Station


What an Anemometer measures

An Anemometer is an instrument that measures how fast the wind is going.

How an anemometer works

Anemometer measures wind by trapping wind in pockets and pushing them determined on how hard the wind is pushing the faster the pockets will go.

What a meteorologist is

A meteorologist is a person who studies weather.

Fun Fact

The first known anemometer was created by Leon Battista Alberti around 1450.

why is the anemometer important

We need the anemometer to measure the wind and to forecast the weather. For example, if you wanted to fly your kite you would need to know the measure of the wind and if you are planning to go on a hot air balloon you would also need to know the measure of the wind.

Who needs to use a anemometer

A meteorologist is the person that needs to know the information that we gather from the anemometer. Also Construction workers, Architecture workers, Farmers, Sailor, etc.