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Love Triangle Strikes Illyria

Ever since the Duke Orniso saw the rich, beautiful Olivia, he has been love sick ever since. But unfortunatly Olvia sentanced herself to 7 years of mourning and so she cannot love Orsino. Ever since here was a shipwreck on the shore leaving Viola (who desguised herself as a man Cesario) stranded. Viola/Cesario came into the picture when Orsino sent  Viola/Ceario to woo Olivia and Olivia falls in love in love with Viola/Cesario. But Olivia thinks Viola is a man, she is really a woman who loves the Duke Orsino. Let me put this in way that's easier to understand: Duke Orsino loves Olivia, Olivia loves Cesario, and Cesario is really a woman, Viola who loves Duke Orsino