Glad to Be in Gr. 3

Ms. Barrington's Weekly Newsletter

November 9th, 2021

Info., Updates, and News

We are busy, busy, busy in Room 180! We have been finishing a few larger projects that we had started working on in October - a writing project and a reading project. Even though Halloween is over, we are very, very excited to finish and begin sharing our success with all of you. This week we have been focusing on Remembrance Day and considering, "What Is Peace?" and what it means to each of us.

A reminder that in our weekly newsletters you will be hearing more about your student's weekly learning. Our newsletters will also provide information about upcoming events that are taking place at school and in our classroom. Newsletters will typically be shared at the beginning of each week. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our newsletters in their entirety.

Week in Review

Everyone continues to work hard to help one another and to be a classroom of leaders, listeners, and learners. We are becoming a strong community.

Here are some of the things we have been learning:

  • Literacy: In literacy, students are being exposed to and practicing various reading strategies such as learning to recognize rhyme. Rhyme refers to words that share the same final sound or sound sequence (ie. me and tree). Students are working on developing their rhyme discrimination, the ability to identify whether two words rhyme by being able to pick out rhyming words in a set. Students continue to work on extending their reading stamina - how long can we read silently? Silent reading can improve your understanding because you can concentrate on reading rather than pronunciation. Reading fluency (ie. accuracy, rate, rhythm, and expression) continues to be modelled through our daily message, classroom book a day texts (see Instagram stories for daily updates), and our daily read aloud novel (ie. Sideways Stories from Wayside School). Students are participating in a choral reading (ie. Halloween poems) to practice reading fluency, focusing on repeated practice, expression, and attention to puntuation. Students are working on developing writing strategies such as writing narratives. Students developed an imagined experience (ie. selling a haunted house), selecting well-chosen details and using a well-structured event sequence. Another opportunity for students to practice their writing is through journaling. Students are able to organize their thoughts, prepare a response, and express themselves.

  • Phonemic Awareness: Words are made up of individual sounds. Students are practicing isolating the final phoneme of words. The final phoneme is the last sound we hear in a word. Students practiced this skill using the words: wildlife, erase, notebook, goldfish, headlight, around, fireplace, moment, begin, panic, import, body, redeem, beside, eclipse, absent, police, drafty, between, compound, giraffe, squeeze, balloon, and depart. To practice at home, say the words aloud together. What is the first sound you can hear? What is the last sound you can hear?

  • Numeracy: In numeracy, students continue to explore identifying and using patterns to solve problems. Each day students are given a prompt that shows a perplexing problem - sometimes there is one right answer and sometimes there are many right answers. These problems generate discussions on HOW students determine answers. Students are exploring how to sort data into categories and how to organize data in a chart (ie. Venn diagrams). Students are learning to sort data using attributes such as: even and odd numbers, greater than or less than, and multiples. Students are learning to connect skip counting and multiples (ie. skip counting by 2 identifies the multiples of 2) and have practiced finding multiples of 2, 3, 4, and 5, using hundreds charts to identify number patterns.

Students continue to participate in Leader in Me and have been helping to create a Leadership Classroom. Students are considering what makes a joyful and inspiring classroom and what changes we can make together to achieve it. Students have been learning about Remembrance Day and the importance of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance. This year marks 100 years of the Remembrance Poppy in Canada.

Students continue to learn about different landforms and are creating a visual dictionary that they can use and add information to throughout the year as we learn about different communities and countries throughout the world. Students have added the following to their dictionaries: prairie/plain, mountain, lake, valley, river/stream, ocean, peninsula, and island.

Students continue to assist in caring for and maintaining our classroom isopod colonies. Students are learning to identify requirements for animal care, focusing on the isopods need for food, water, shelter, and air and how we can properly care and provide for them. Students are learning to make connections to other animals and other habitats. Students are learning that the Earth is made of rocks and that rocks are made of minerals. Students have learned that minerals are naturally occuring and that you can find minerals in many items that we use everyday (eg. toothpaste contains fluorite, pencils contain graphite).

Learning Videos

Remembrance Day - Kids News Break
The Counting by Twos Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden
The Counting by Threes Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden
The Counting by Fours Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden
The Counting by Fives Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden
Let's Learn About Rocks and Minerals | Caitie's Classroom | Science For Kids

Upcoming Events

  • November 8-10th - Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada Floor Map
  • November 8th - National Aboriginal Veterans Day
  • November 9th - Virtual Canadian Armed Forces Speaker (11:20 am)
  • November 10th - Virtual Remembrance Day Assembly (11:00 am)
  • November 11th - Remembrance Day (No School)
  • November 12th - Day in Lieu (No School)
  • November 12th - Art Cards by Kids Fundraiser Deadline
  • November 15th - Picture Retakes
  • November 17th - Inclusion Advisory Committee Meeting (7:30 pm)
  • November 24th - Fundraising Association Meeting (8:00 pm)
  • November 24th - Growing Smiles Fundraiser Deadline
  • November 25th - School Council Meeting (7:00 pm)
  • November 26th - Report Cards/End of Term 1
  • December 9th - Growing Smiles Delivery
  • December 17th - Last Day Before Winter Break
  • January 4th - Classes Resume

Office Announcements

AHS New Daily Checklist

During the September 23rd, 2021 COVID-19 update, Dr. Hinshaw provided clarity regarding the new AHS Daily Checklist. Dr. Hinshaw communicated that she has added a new recommendation for any unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals when there is a positive COVID-19 case in their household. The new recommendation is that any unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals (including children under 12) should stay home for 14 days when a person who lives in the same house as them tests positive for COVID-19. Please make sure that students complete the AHS Daily Checklist each morning before returning to school.

Fundraising Update

Please see this important information from our Christina Gordon School Fundraising Association regarding our Art Cards and Growing Smiles fundraisers. Your support of these fundraisers is always appreciated and are always for the benefit of our students.

Art Cards have been sent home and are now ready for orders! Please visit and use the red code on the back of your students card to order. All orders are due NOVEMBER 12th

Growing Smiles fundraiser is also active and orders can be placed at Orders are due NOVEMBER 24th and will be ready for pick up on December 10th

Thank you for your continued support!

General Reminders

  • Please make sure you have clearly labeled any coats, hats, water bottles, lunchboxes, etc. that you send to school. It is your child’s responsibility to keep track of these items throughout the school day.
  • Students are expected to read or be read to for a minimum of 20 minutes each night. Please make sure that students are returning books and book bags to school each Monday.
  • Students will bring home any handouts, information from the office, permission forms, etc. towards the end of each week in their Take Home Folders. Please make sure that all forms and the Take Home Folders are returned in a timely manner.
  • Our classroom Seesaw blog and student journals will be updated on a regular basis. Families are asked to check Seesaw for updates on a regular basis.
  • Our classroom is participating in the "Take Me Outside for Learning" Challenge and as such will be going outdoors rain, snow, or shine each Thursday. Please make sure that students come to school dressed for the weather with appropriate footwear, hats, sunscreen, water bottles, etc. as needed.

Specialty Classes

  • Monday, November 8th - Leader in Me
  • Monday, November 8th - Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada Floor Map
  • Monday, November 8th - Library Day
  • Tuesday, November 9th - Physical Education
  • Tuesday, November 9th - Canadian Armed Forces Speaker (Major Quickfall)
  • Wednesday, November 10th - Music
  • Wednesday, November 10th - Virtual Remembrance Day Assembly