Outer Space- Moon

Day 1- Flying To The Moon

Day 1 today is my first time flying to the moon and I dont know what to expect. The moon is 250,000 miles away from earth and by rocket ship it would take 13 hours until I land. It's been 13 hours and I have landed on the moon but since it has been a long day of travel,I will go to sleep.

Day 2- What Will I Learn Today?

I wake up in my space ship and I feel my stomach rumbling, so I have breakfast. If you were wondering how do I eat without it floating around well food eaten aboard the space ship is served on a tray. I use magnets, springs, and velcro to hold down the cutlery and food to the tray. And what do I eat? Space food is specially made and processed for consumption by astronauts in outer space. The food has special requirements to provide balanced nutrition for astronauts while working in space. For example, fresh food would need to be eaten within 2 days so it doesn't get all rotten. So today I ate some fruit salad with some gatorade because it needs to be a rehydrating drink. Now that I have eaten, I take my first step ever in outer space and it's amazing but dark. The moon is not a light source. We see the moon at night because it is actually reflecting from the sun and when we see different shapes of the moon its just how the light is shining on the moon. I take some notes and compare it with what the scientists observed. I will forever see the moon as more than an object in the sky.

Day 3- Today Is Not My Day! :(

I have had a great time exploring the moon and finding some samples of foreign substances (moon sand perhaps) but today was definitely not my day. It all started this morning when I woke up and hit my head on the roof so now I have a goose bump Then when I got my gear on I walked outside and tripped and I rolled my ankle. So luckily I had an emergency kit. My emergency kit has the following:

  • Ice Pack & Heat Pack
  • Bandaids
  • Tensor Bandage
  • Extra Food & Drinks
  • Flash light
  • Disinfectant pads
  • pain medications
  • splint

So from my injuries all I needed was an icepack for my head and foot, and I used the tensor bandage to wrap my foot. Tomorrow I will have to work harder because I wasted some of my time up here on the moon fixing myself. Being an astronaut is a lot of work.

Day 4- Space can be COMPLICATED & DANGEROUS!!!

Space can be complicated!!!!... So today before I put my gear on I always go to the bathroom, It takes a lot of effort and time to use the bathroom. Today I decided to take a look around the bathroom and compare it with our bathroom on earth and my new bathroom on the space ship. The one in the space ship is much more complicated to the one at home on earth as there is no gravity, so when you flush the toilet it is not what we would expect on earth. After I use the bathroom it is time to get all suited up. It's a bit more complicated then just putting on pants and a shirt-it protects me from the atmosphere, water, and radiation. Did you know you could become unconscious within 15 seconds because there is no oxygen.

So to protect you from these dangers, a space suit must:

  • Have a pressurized atmosphere.
  • Give me oxygen as well as get rid of carbon dioxide
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature
  • able to move into and out of sunlit areas
  • Protect me from the radiation and micro-meteoroids
  • Allow you to see clearly, move easily, and communicate with others

My spacesuit is my life line, without it I could not explore the moon.

Day 5-PROS & CONS Of The Moon

On the moon there are pros and cons and today in my notes I am going to compare them to the earth from what I know and have seen during my short time on the moon.

MOON vs Earth:



  • Can bring a dramatic change to our lives
  • Has the possibility of discovering the undiscovered
  • We could find new minerals & materials
  • it has not been inhabited by anything, so we could create a new ecosystem

  • You couldn't really live here as it is- little oxygen & gravity, it would take lots of money and time to make it inhabitable
  • We could invite micro-organisms to earth that were meant for space
  • It is very expensive to make the tools and machines to travel


  • You could live here because we have oxygen & gravity
  • We can wear what ever we want, no heavy space suits!
  • We have forests, oceans, deserts and mountains, very diverse ecosystem

  • The earth is polluted.
  • we are separated by large masses of water so travel requires many modes of transportation such as planes and boats.

Day 6- One More Day Until I Leave This Outstanding World

I have one more day until I leave this new & outstanding world. I am excited and also sad to leave. It has been interesting to explore the moon but I am lonely and it is not possible to live here forever. However, my experience here has left me thinking that if I ever get a chance to travel to a different planet I would want to go to Saturn. It looks cool and I would love to see the ring around it in real life.

So today I am finishing up my notes so I can just have some free time tomorrow before I leave. I have so much to write about. I have learned so much during my stay on the moon. Here are some interesting things to think about-


  1. Lets just say you were walking 5 miles per hour to walk around the whole entire moon it would 2 weeks, 4 days, 7 hours and 23 minutes to walk around the equator of the moon. The diameter of the moon is 2,160 miles from its equater.
  2. The distance between the moon and the sun is about 93 million miles from each other.
  3. The lunar atmosphere has no weather which is why when Neil Armstrong left his foot print on the moon it stayed there then and his still here today.
(And even though finding the foot print wasn't on the list that is what I would like to look for tomorrow in my free time.)

Day 7- I Will Never Forget This Incredible World!

YES! Today is my last day on the moon which means I am on my way to go find the foot print that Neil Armstrong left on the moon. But before I start here is just a little info on Neil Armstrong:

  • He is an american astronaut,
  • test pilot,
  • aerospace engineer,
  • university professor,
  • United States Naval Aviator
  • and the first person to step foot on the moon. (Which is why is foot print is on the moon.)

Now I am walking out on the moon to find that foot print. Its been in hour and according to my calculations I am getting closer to the footprint.


I have found the foot print and it is amazing. From the textures and ridges, to the excitment inside of me, I am jumping up and down because I found the foot print. I took some pictures so I can print it and add it to my notebook. The reason why I was so excited to find this footprint is because Neil Armstrong is my idol. Anyway I have to go now since my space ship leaves in 2 hours. And I still need to get all my things together. I have had a great time and hope to have another mission again!!! Until next time...