Mr. Dussel

By: Omar Hernandez


My character is Mr. Düssel. Mr. Düssel is an elderly dentist who joined the group in Secret Annex. Mr.Düssel started to live in the Annex on November 1942. Mr. Düssel’s real name is Fritz Pfeffer (1884-1944) but in Anne's diary he is know as Mr. Düssel. Fritz Pfeffer lived in Berlin and was married to a catholic women named Charlotta Kaletta ( 1937-1944). Fritz Pfeffer had one son named Werner Peter Pfeffer (1927-1995). Mr. Düssel is important because Miss. Miep planed to have Mr. Düssel in the Secret Annex. Mr. Düssel suffers with Anne in the room because Anne has nightmares that makes her scream. Mr. Düssel thinks they might get caught cause of Anne's screams. In the room where Anne and Mr. Düssel are they Barley have their privacy cause how the room is small and the beds are kinda close together. Mr. Düssel remains me of a toothbrush cause he's a dentist.
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Symbol 1

Anne Frank dreamed and hoped. Anne hoped she would be able to be free of the racism that going around the world. They would use Anne's race jewish in books, poster ,and signs. Anne was stuck with her family and with the Van Dan’s family which is Peter the son, Mr. Van Dan ,Mrs. Van Dan and Moshe Peters cat. Anne loved cats, she had one but had to leave it at home cause she was moving towards the Secret Annex. The Secret Annex is a secret attic were the Frank family and Van Dans family were hidden from the secret police. Mrs. Miep is the owner of the house and the Secret Annex which she kept them safe and with enough food to eat. The only food they would eat is beans which was cheaper and healthy.

Symbol 2

Anne Frank dreamed to become a writer when she was out of the Annex. Mrs. Meip gave Anne a diary so Anne can write anything she wants to write about. Anne usually wrote into her diary how was her day, and what happen today. Anne sometimes wrote why did everyone blame her for the things she does wrong. Anne wrote here feeling how she felt. Anne wrote about Peter cause Anne had fallen in love with him. Anne wrote about her date when she was dating Peter one night Anne went to Peters room. When Anne asked Peter “ have you kissed a girl

Theme 1

In the Diary of Anne Frank one family encourages each other when you need theme. One example of this theme is when Anne encourages her family by giving them presents on page 403 Anne says there's singing and presents. Mrs. Franks replied “unfortunately not this year.” But Mrs. Van Dan said “ there's always Hanukkah and everyone gives presents to each other.” Anne started to give an example about presents to everyone. The family in the Secret Annex sing Hanukkah together to celebrate Christmas. The family In the Secret Annex still had to be quite just in case that no one gets caught. Mrs. Frank cared about her whole family and the rest because she tried to make other special kinds on foods with beans. The reason they ate beans all the time is because, they were cheap to buy. Back then money was rough to get but people who had 100 dollars were like the top goods. The other reason are beans are healthy and easy to cook.

Theme 2

In the Diary of Anne Frank the family have hoped they would be free form the racism that was going around the world. Anne thinks and wants to become an actor once they are freed. When Mrs. Miep checks in the family. Mrs. Miep hand over an diary to Anne. Anne told Mrs. Van Dan she would like to become a writer. When the Van Dan moved in Peter Van Dan had a basket with a cat named Moshe. Mr. Van Dan told Anne “Peter is lucky because he brought his cat with him.” Anne replied “I would but my father told us we had to rush to an new place.”

Mrs. Van Dan told Anne “don't worry you'll see your cat again.”

The whole family suffered 2 year in the Secret Annex because they were afraid to be caught in the Annex. During the racism and the bad things that were going on. Anne did become a writer although she didn't make it but, Mr.frank did. When it was over Mr. Frank went back to the Secret Annex and quoted “my daughter hoped and wanted to be a writer.” Mr. Frank picked up Anne's diary and published it.

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