Poetry - from 4S

Inspired by Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech

May 2016

We have been reading Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech as part of our celebration of National Poetry Month in library class. This book includes many different forms of poetry and students were asked to take a few minutes to write a poem - with wonderful results. We would like to share them.

Sushi, by Beren

Sushi is amazing.

It is in my tummy.

It is delicious -

better than pizza and chicken combined.

It is the best.

Nothing can beat it.


Night, by Maya


It's dark.

The fears that control you

they hold you tight.

You can't escape,

but you can hope.


Think, by Maya


Think about why things in the world happen.

Why they can be great.

Why they can be horrific.


Horrific means courage.

Great means just that.


Why does the rain fall?

Why do people say what they say?

I'll tell you why,

why I can't,

You can't control it.


People and Animals, anonymous

People have connections to some animals.

That's why they're sometimes sad when

some pets die.

Some pets feel the same way,

especially dogs who are very loyal.

I don't like the thought of animals

getting hurt,

yet I still like meat.

The same is with some other people.

Animals are different though.

They almost never eat people.

People are like hybrid animals.

I realize

we look like monkeys and apes,

yet they think like dolphins and octopi.

we use tools to get things done

when animals use themselves, claws and tails.

People and Animals -

peculiar specimens they are.

I Wish, by Maya

I wish,

I wish I could fly

high above the clouds

soaring and exploring.

Exploring what people have never seen.

I wish.