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Elementary Battle of the Books Kudos!

All 10 elementary schools were represented once again at the Battle of the Books on Monday, April 4th at Central Elementary. Fairmount Elementary took home the trophy this year after 7 rounds of Mark Twain trivia questions. Thank you to our elementary LMS and volunteers for your hard work in making this event exciting and worthwhile for these FHSD students.
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Screen 7 Eliminated

In an email sent from Curt Fuchs at DESE to Dr. Greiner, it was noted that the data collected in Screen 7 regarding library media programs would be eliminated. The email stated:

"As part of the process to reduce the time that the school districts must spend on data collection, Screen 7 will no longer be collected. As you may remember from my communication last summer, the burden on districts to collect data for Core Data Screen 7 was determined to be out of proportion to its utility. The data screen known as “Census of Technology” was eliminated in 2014......As you look to the closure of the 2015-2016 school year, this will be one less task that the library/media personnel will have to complete."

While we will not gather the Screen 7 data, other data will still be collected for the BOE report. Dr. Greiner assured me that even though the state will no longer be collecting this data, FHSD will continue to support our Learning Commons and report our impact on the district.

Details regarding the needed data for 15-16 and the deadline for submission will be sent by next Wednesday.

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National Library Week

Next week is National Library Week. Take time to look at the ALA website for some great resources and ideas for the week.

I have a couple of ideas to share with you that Kelly and I brainstormed. Our space is closed most of the week for EOC testing. We ordered some of the "Because" statement posters to use on our LC windows. One example reads, "Because learning to read comes before reading to learn." Another says, "Because punctuation without imagination makes a sentence, not a story." (There are printable versions in the ALA Libraries Transorm toolkit. Check out more at http://www.ilovelibraries.org/librariestransform/.) It is an awesome campaign. We will share a different statement in our eNews and announcements each day, tweet throughout the week, and hold cafe' promotions during lunches.

What will you do to promote the work you do? Email or call your PLC members to brainstorm together! Be sure to take pictures and share with the group!