The Giver

by Lowis Lowory Created by Christian Acevedo

Book Summary

Jonas receives the memories from the past, good and bad, from the current receiver, a wise old man named the giver. The giver transmits memories by placing his hands on him. his first memory he received was an exciting sled ride.
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Main character- Jonas

Jonas is the the main character of the novel. He is very sensitive, polite, and compassionate twelve year old guy. he is very bright into figuring out that the community gave up freedom for sameness.

Other characters

  • The Giver- the giver is the current Receiver of memory and trains Jonas to become the next receiver
  • Fiona-Pne of Jonas good friends. she is a pretty girl who is sensitive, intelligent, quite, and polite.
  • Asher-lonas best friend. He is a very cheerful guy who makes a game out of everything


The Giver- "I have great honor, so will you . but you will find that is not the same as power"

Teacher-like questions

  1. What is the main conflict of the story?
  2. what was Jonas and the giver's plan for jonas's escape?
  3. what was the effect of jonas had on receiving the memory of war?



This was a very interesting book. i like the book better than the movie.