Costa Rica

Haylee Freeman

Costa Rica Facts

My dream vacation is Costa Rica.

It is located in Mexico.

The reason I want to visit there is because it's beautiful.

What makes this place so beautiful is that the sand at the beach is white and the water is crystal clear.

There sand is very white.


It will take me 3 hours and 35 minutes to get there.

Costa Rica is 2,440.3 miles away from Houston Texas.

I will take Miss. Mitchell with me on my trip because she really wants to go.

I will get there by plane because I want to save money by not using gas.

It will take me 2 days and 16 hours non stop to get there by car.

I will stay at my hotel for a month just to relax and have fun.


I will be staying at the breathtaking Villa Royal Palms.

It has a huge pool and a great ocean view.

There is a little bridge that leds to the ocean and the beach.

I will bring a lot of clothes and a lot of bathing suits.

I will buy food in Costa Rica.

It would be neat to try something new there and try of there different foods.


My whole trip will cost me $44,706.

My hotel will cost me $42,396.

As you can tell, I will be spending money on my trip. Alot of money.

I will go out to eat sometimes. It would cost me $450 if I eat out all month.

My plane tickets will cost me $360.

My airlines will be Spirit Airline.


I will go swimming in the ocean.

I will also swim in the big pool that I will have at my hotel.

I will go snorkeling in the ocean.

Hopefully there will be snorkeling lessons.

There will be a lot of animals and there is ziplining.

Also, I will be surfing on huge waves.

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