Down the Hall in Third

May 5, 2017

May Reading Logs

May reading logs went home this week. All students should be reading 100 minutes a week at home. Thanks for all of your help at home!

Field Trip

Our field trip to Wickiup Outdoor Learning Center in Toddville is coming up on Tuesday, May 9. We will leave the Intermediate Building at approximately 9:30 and arrive at Wickiup at 9:45. We will leave Wickiup at 1:30 and return to school around 1:45.

Please watch the weather in advance of Tuesday and help your child dress appropriately. We have 4 scheduled learning sessions, two of which are outdoors. Students should wear old shoes for walking in tall grass prairies and other outdoor areas. Consider hats and pants for protection from ticks and the sun. Please send a jacket if necessary.

Our programs include: "Habitat Hike", "Moving West", "Wetland Investigations", and "Fuzzy, Furry, Slimy and Scaly". Because of the amount of walking involved, please do not bring your younger children with you for this trip.

If you are concerned about insect and sun exposure, please apply bug spray and sunscreen at home. If you want your child to reapply sunscreen on themselves at lunchtime, send the bottle with them.

The program guide is attached to this email. Please look for our specific scheduled programs if you would like a preview of our experiences!


The Third Grade Teachers

Replacing the Bike Ride

We will have a third grade kickball tournament to replace the bike ride this year. We will also take a walk to the Urbana park and have lunch in the park.


We finished reading The Albertosaurus Mystery this week. Students worked on using evidence from the text to draw conclusions. They also showed their thinking while reading by making annotations to the story as well.

We began reading The Southwst for Interactive Read Aloud. This is an informational text about the Southwest region of the United States. There is a lot of great information about the history and culture of this region.


We talked about area and perimeter this week during math. Students have been using many strategies to find the area of a rectangle. They have been tiling, skip counting, and multiplying sides to find area.


Students worked on their writing their personal narrative again this week. They are excited to write stories about their experiences again!

Important Upcoming Dates and Information:

  • May 9th- Wickiup Hill Field Trip
  • May 20th- Mustache Dash
  • May 29th- No School; Memorial Day
  • May 31st- 12:45 Dismissal; Last Day of School

Have a great weekend!