Mahan & Fritzenmeier May 11th - 15th


May 14th - Technology Day! All Florence classrooms will be participating in Technology Day. Students are encouraged to bring their own devices but we will provide one for those that do not bring their own. We will be using technology to collaborate and create products that reflect classroom learning. (This is NOT a free/game day)

May 18th - PTA meeting and 4th Grade musical

May 22nd - MAYFEST

June 5th - 4th Grade Graduation in FES Auditorium at 9:00am

Blue Spelling List

discourage - diappoint - disbelief - distrust - disloyal - misplace - mislabel - mislead - misstep - misnumber - nonfat - nonfiction - nonsense - nonstop - unable - unplug - uncertain - uncomfortable - uncover - unclean - mishap - unravel - prince - weighed


Green Spelling List

discourage - disappointment - disbelief - disappear - disloyal - mismanage - misheard

misfortune - misstep - misnumber - nonessential - nonfiction - nonsense - nonspecific - unable - unofficial - uncertain - uncomfortable - unpredictable - unnecessary - mishap

unraveled - presence - kernel - bolder

Curriculum Corner

Reading: Students are using class time to work on their biography projects. They will also work on their story elements project. Students will work in groups to create a story, make a plot pyramid, write a script, and record a movie of their play.

Math: Projects: building boats, building towers out of spaghetti

Science: Students will explore animal adaptations that help them survive in their environment.

Social Studies: Students will study the annexation of Texas.

Writing: Creative writing that maintains elements of fiction such as: plot, characters, conflict, theme, and setting. Greek and Latin rood words, prefixes, and suffixes.