Hultgren Herald

3rd Grade

Week of May 9

Lots of excitement this week as our third graders received their new iPads! I am sure your child has shared with you.

In Literacy, we are concluding our nonfiction unit. Students were given the opportunity to think and read through nonfiction texts at a much deeper level (i.e thinking about author's point of view). Our next unit, students will concentrate on myths, folktales and fables. As a class, they have really enjoyed reading on our new app, EPIC. I have observed students choosing a wider variety of genres while using EPIC.

This week in math, we spent time working with and learning about decimals. Students learned more about tenths, hundredths and how they are represented, and where we see them in the real world. We have also starting discussing decimals in relation to fractions and percentages.

Summer Device Opt-In Opportunity

To support continuous learning over the summer, students who have completed grades 3 through 11 will be eligible to take their district issued device home over the summer months and keep it through the school year. This will empower students to experience more learning opportunities even when they are not in the presence of a teacher. For students who want to take advantage of this opportunity, digital content will be provided by the district and hosted in Schoology. It is an "opt-in" model, meaning that if students would like to participate, they will need a new iLearn agreement signed by parents/guardians. The new iLearn agreements will be handed out via hard copy at individual schools.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Planners are sent home daily. Please read and initial.
  • Tuesday is Phy Ed. Bring tennis shoes.
  • Media checkout on Tuesday.
  • NWEA TESTING: Math: May 17, 18 Reading: May 24, 25
  • All school Picnic: Friday, May 27 12:10
  • Library books due: Friday, June 3
  • Field Day: Wednesday, June 8 1:15-2:45 To volunteer, click "Field Day"