Friday Flash

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hearts: Social Emotional Learning

Thank you!

I'm finishing my third month!

Just want to take a moment to thank you all. You have been patient with my mistakes, given me kind feedback, answered my many questions, asked me great questions, challenged my thinking, supported me, and made me laugh so many times. I wake up every morning excited to come to work and grateful that I get to be part of this community! Our students are so lucky to have you all….

Homework Club for Spanish Speaking English Learner students

At the Spanish speaking parent group, mothers requested homework support for their EL students. PTA has allocated funds for this and Kathleen is working on finding someone to lead this after school intervention 2X a week. If you have a student who might benefit please let Kathleen know.

Fifth Graders at Friday Morning Meeting

On Fridays, 5th graders will be joining K-4 classes as leaders to support students in listening during the meeting. This will also help to stop them from congregating/socializing at the back. I will let you know who your 5th graders helpers will be with a list in your box.

Minds: Teaching & Learning

MLK Jr. Oratorical Festival

MLK 2014 Oratorical

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

8:45 a.m. - 3rd-5th grades

10:30 a.m. - Kinder - 2nd grades

Field Trip Opportunity- Kids for the Bay

Talk to me if you are interested in taking a Kids for the Bay Field trip. They still have a cost so these are not free, but if you are interested I can give you more info.

Foss Teacher Guides Online

Foss Teacher Guides can now be found online:

P.D. Next Two Weeks

Monday: Staff Meeting @ 3pm (Nuts & Bolts)

Weds, 11/13: P.D.: Time to finish up parent conferences & Report cards

Weds 11/20: Moving ELA work to this Week

Funds for Teachers! $$ for traveling and pursuing opportunities around the world!

Fund for Teachers enriches the personal and professional growth of teachers by recognizing and supporting them as they identify and pursue opportunities around the globe that will have the greatest impact on their practice, the academic lives of their students and on their school communities.

Writing Units Reminders

In order to create future PD that is built off of our strengths and challenges, please email me the 3 dates you will be trying the 3 mini lessons in the next five weeks by next Weds, 10/14. Linda or I will try to pop in to at least one of these sessions in order to get a sense of how we are doing.

By 11/20:

Read: The Mini Lesson (pages 60-69) in a Guide to the Common Core Writing Workshop

Teach: At least 3 writer's workshop session to your class using the new writing program including: the Mini Lesson, the Independent Writing, and the Conferring

Bring: 3 samples (only 3).

Reflect: Lessons Learned- What builds off of our previous work? What is new? How can this help strengthen our K-5 writing program? How does this program help with your classroom writing program?


Rainy Day Schedules

There is a chance of Rain on Tuesday.

Rainy day schedules will be in your boxes.

Laptops- 2 ready!

Two of the 10 laptops are up and running….Mr. Kong is continuing to get the other 8 up. Let me know if you'd like a laptop for your use.

Looking Ahead...

11/6 Staff Meeting (math)

11/13 Staff Meeting: Parent Conference/Report Card work time

11/13 PTA Meeting (Equity Focus)

11/18 Staff Meeting (Nuts & Bolts Operations)

11/20: Staff Meeting: ELA

11/20 School Council Meeting