Juanita Maxwell

By Jade Osmar

About Juanita

Juanita was born in 1954.

Mother of two and wife.

Maxwell, at 25, was convicted of three crimes, murder and robbing two banks.

Murder case

Mrs. Maxwell, who worked as a maid at a Fort Myers hotel, was charged with murdering Mrs. Kelly in 1979 at the hotel, where the victim lived. Juanita Maxwell, who pyschiatrists say has a split personality, did not remember much about the beating death of 73-year-old Inez Kelly. In the trial, Mr. Klein and Robert Wray, a psychiatrist, testified for the defense that Mrs. Maxwell had a split personality. She was ordered to remain in the state hospital until she successfully completed treatment and experts could convince a judge it was safe to release her.

Bank Robber

"Wanda Weston," one of her seven personalities, is guilty, Mrs. Maxwell said in an interview at the Pinellas County Jail. She said that "Wanda" was trying to get money so she could care for Mrs. Maxwell's three children in Ohio. She was arrested in St. Petersburg and charged with using a shotgun or rifle to rob two branches of First Florida Bank of more than $ 3,000.

Juanita's Personalities

  • Jennifer, described as "intellectual" and "sophisticated."
  • Linda, who tends to be a "pragmatist" or a "politician."
  • Ann, a "middle-aged lady who takes care of children."
  • Anna, "childlike. Her function is to cry."
  • Tricia, who likes to "put on blue jeans. She can do anything a man can do twice as well."
  • Then there is "Wanda" a "tortured child" who doesn't trust people.