Sports in Ecuador

By: Earth M. Pender

Football (soccer)

Football is Ecuadors national sport. Many locals are very skilled because they play many pickup games in their free time. Citizens in Ecuador play games in parks and plazas. Ecuador has qualified for the FIFA World Cup three times; 2002, 2006, 2014. The head coach is Sixto Vizuete and the captain is Antonio Valencia
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Although hiking may not seem like a sport to some Hiking is very popular in Ecuador. There are many jungle lands and highland tracks. Organized Hikes are very popular because of the climate and terrain of Ecuador. A well Marked trail that is commonly used by hikers is the Pasochoa Reserve near the capital Quito. Another commonly used trial is down the section of the old Inca trial
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Ecuadorian Basketball

The Ecudorian national basketball team is the men's basketball team that placed eighth in the 1950 FIBA World Championship. The team is very diverse. There are players from Algeria, Angola, Barbados and many more places. The Ecudorian team was defeated in the semi finals in 2014. There team is very similar an American basketball team. They all play the same style/form of basketball with the same rules.
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