The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

The Effects of Drinking and Driving

Law pertaining to alcohol use

A total of 39 alcohol-related laws have been established at the federal level. Each state enacts some or all of these laws. To look up which are adopted by a specific state, select the state and then the link for "Legal & Policy Issues." This data can also be found at Mothers Against Drunk Driving - state alcohol laws.

How to use refusal skills to not drink and drive

  1. Give a reason for saying “No.”

    Sometimes if you use reasons like "I want to stay clear headed." or "I don't drink." can make people leave you alone

2. Use the right body language.

If your going to be assertive, and just say no, your body language has to match. Make eye contact, stand tall, and use a firm voice. Like talking to a dog when they're in trouble. Don't look at the ground or show that you're nervous.

3. Show your concern for others.

Try to show others a different point of view, before they drink. "What would your parents say?" or "I don't want anything to happen to you."

4. Suggest something else.

Sometimes suggesting another activity can change someone's mind about drinking

5. Take action.

If people are still pressuring you to drink after all these, leave. That way they know you're not going to change your mind.